an easy storage idea

13 January 2014

I found these Christmas popcorn canisters at a warehouse for 25 cents each. Someone must have eaten all of the popcorn, perhaps that is why they were so inexpensive?( for locals, it was at NPS Market Square.)
christmas canisters
I spray painted them with Rustoleum spray paint in heirloom white (this is still my favorite spray paint: love the nozzle, the coverage, the colors, the way the spray comes out and they aren’t paying me to say any of that) Since this is thin tin, it won’t absorb any of the paint, so be sure to spray very light coats, let dry, spray some more. If you spray too much, it will run.

Light coats, dry, light coats, dry, light coat. That’s the way to do it.light coats of spray paint
I brought out the cutest gold sticker dots from Shelley (you can find them in her shop here – I used the medium for this project) and just began to randomly apply them.
gold circles
They turned out to be the perfect storage solution for some scraps of fabric and ribbon! I should have turned my lids upside down to catch the rim, but it’s all good.
canisters painted
I bet you may have some leftover Christmas tins lying around…maybe they could turn into some useful storage for you??
It’s Monday! How are you feeling about that? I’m still deciding…signature


  1. Love the containers. Mondays… not so much.

  2. Love this Idea Melissa. By local you must mean my area since I live on the bench and frequent Market square for deals. I'll have to try this with my empty popcorn tins.

    1. I love Market Square! Whenever we are up by the airport we stop by!

  3. Love this idea Melissa. Definitely bookmarking this one :) Have a great week!

  4. We store all of our small Christmas decorations in the tins and have been doing this for many years.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this easy project! Either I need to find some tins or eat some popcorn to empty out the ones we received at Christmas! Thanks for the great idea....

  6. We got a few of these over the holidays and now I know what to do with them! Thanks!!

  7. I have one of these that I could try this with. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Love this idea! I found similar inspiration on Pinterest last year and spent a few months collecting various tins at thrift shops. I scored a few at our Goodwill Outlet where you pay by weight, practically free! Anyway, I painted them and re-did my whole pantry. Six months later, I'm loving how they're holding up and how much cheaper it was than buying a bunch of specialty storage containers. I don't keep up my blog anymore, but here's a link to my digi-scrap LO about it:

  9. Those are so stinking cute!!!! I've been looking for something sturdy and fairly large to corral my kids 'keepsakes' in (recognitions, artwork, report cards, etc)....those would be perfect!

  10. Cute remake and so useful!


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