easy valentine décor

29 January 2014

I loved these sparkly glitter store when I spotted them at the Dollar Tree! I wasn’t crazy about the off-balance shape, so I evened them out with scissors
dollar store glitter hearts
and strung them up with some leftover Christmas ribbon:string of hearts

May I introduce you to my chalkboard secret weapon?? I found this back in Blacksburg at the Goodwill for $5. It’s a fold-up overhead projector. Like it folds into an Inspector Gadget type briefcase and I didn’t even have to answer the question: “and why are we hauling an overhead projector across the country?!” It was a great find.
overhead projector
I just whip up a phrase on the computer, print it out on an overhead transparency (okay, transparencies can be pricey and come in expensive 50 packs at office supply stores. Forget that! Tip: buy them on ebay…) and trace it in 5 minutes. Lifesaver!
My sister in-law just did an awesome overhead map art for her living room, I’ll have to see if she will let me share. Overhead projectors are getting more tricky to find these days. Your church library may have one, (we had one in our closet at church in Virginia!), many public libraries will let you check them out, if you ever have a school auction near you I can guarantee there will be some there. Remember the one I went to in VA last year?? Scads of them.
school sale
A guy was buying them all up, probably to sell on Ebay?
Anyway, they are great to have on hand for projects if you can find one for a great deal. And do you see those purple-ish, taupey lamps? I found them on clearance for $16.99 at Ross. And I’m going to paint them. Because purple has never been my favorite color.valentine vignette
Moral of this prolonged, protracted post: overhead projectors are marvelous. And the dollar store always has fun surprises.
Happy Valentines.
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  1. Don't mean to criticize, but a little multimedia projector would be much more space effective, and your designs would be limited to the entire internet. You can find small projectors (as small as your hand) online for $99.

  2. Sweet! I didn't even know they existed. I couldn't pass my fold-up one for $5 though...

  3. This the one we have... It's cheap and does the job.


  4. Now I want an overhead... cause I totally need more junk in our basement... ;)

  5. That banner turned out sooo cute! Love, love, love the dollar store!

  6. Very cute idea for Valentine's Day. I recently found a projector for cheap too. I had been looking for ages and ages for one.

  7. How have I not seen this amazing blog? You are a wondergirl and I adore you. Great ideas! Sending LOVE!


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