50 things to still love about winter

07 February 2014

A few days ago, I asked for help thinking of things to still love about winter on 320 Sycamore’s facebook page. You did not disappoint! Here is what we came up with that will lift you up when winter is feeling really long:

50 things to still love about winter -- 320 sycamore

50. cozy blankets draped everywhere
49. no swimsuits
48. it’s easy hide pasty white arms and legs
47. laundry can sit in the washer and not get stinky
46. a perfect time to de-clutter, organize, and work on inside projects
45. sledding
44. reading books by the fire
43. no sticky humidity
42. hot cocoa
41. an excuse to wear fuzzy socks, slippers, robes, sweaters, and beanies around the house
40.  the mountains look beautiful
39. making snow angels
38. kids don’t smell sweaty, it makes for perfect snuggle time
37. no yard work or weeds
36. getting into your pajamas and slippers after work because you are staying in for the night
35. pink noses and cheeks
34. warm soups
33. snow clears the air
32. skiing!
31. the entire garage is a giant refrigerator
30. sweaters and sweatshirts hide the extra weight better.
29. no mosquitos
28. Downton Abbey
27. building snowmen
26. who needs the gym? shoveling burns 400 calories per hour
25. kids have no problem believing it's bedtime because it feels like we should be sleeping.
24. baking cookies
23. watching the forecast is much more exciting, especially when they use terms like “polar vortex.”
22. wearing boots
21. snow sparkling like diamonds in the sun
20. scarves
19. ice-skating
18. warm clothes out of the dryer
17. grilled cheese sandwiches
16. no burning car seats and greasy sunscreen
15. snowball fights
14. the garbage doesn’t smell because it is frozen
13. not having to shave as much
12. Winter Olympics
11. fresh snow makes everything look new and clean
10. hockey games
9. getting into a warm bed at night
8. storing up cool memories for the dog days of summer
7. no high air conditioning bills
6. kind neighbors shoveling your walk
5. impromptu movie days
4. no severe thunderstorms
3. spring is much more appreciated after a long winter
2. basketball games
1. from Lynda: peace--when it snows so hard and so much that everything just stops. And then you get to turn the lights down low, grab a bowl of soup and a blanket and enjoy it next to a beautiful fire. Seriously--what's not to love?

What would you add? Happy winter weekend~

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  1. Thanks Melissa-
    After more snow days than school days, frozen pipes, snow tracked inside (no mudroom!!!), and a constant chill that won't leave my old bones I needed this!!! (I especially love #28!)

  2. Great list! A much needed reminder for us in the Midwest Polar Vortex! I think tonight will include blankets, a fire and watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony!!!

  3. I *really* needed to read this - thank you! Winter has really been dragging me down this year, to the point that I've been in a bit of a funk some days. I'm thankful for the sunshine, as it makes it all a bit more tolerable. The upside to a horrid winter is that it makes spring that much sweeter, right? ;-)

  4. Some of the winter things on your list we don't experience where I live. For us, winter time means mostly cold rain and we get to wear a jacket. However, this year the temperature has been really cold and we've seen a dusting of snow.


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