caught my eye: valentines edition

14 February 2014

Happy ♥ Day, friends!
I wouldn’t mind winter hanging around a bit longer if my front door looked like this:front door
* speaking of winter, how much snow does it take to cancel school in your neck of the woods?? A map:

* these $2 layered frames from Imperfectly Polished also caught my eye:DIY hanging love frames with couch

Have a wonderful day with the ones you love!!
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  1. I love those layered frames! I'm telling ya...I get so much inspiration every single day from blogs. :) And I was giggling about the snow in Tx, all we need is a threat of a mere dusting of snow to close down the entire city. Lol! Happy Valentine's Day, Melissa!

  2. I live in Salt Lake City and it's been 30 years since they cancelled school here. We had over two feet in one day a few years ago and they still held school.
    Love that porch.


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