caught my eye 3.14.14

14 March 2014

Happy Pi Day! Here are some good finds from the week:
* I love, love, loved Sara’s road to fitness story. Maybe because I know she loves to eat (hello, food blogger!) – perhaps there is hope for girls like me!A Food Blogger's Real Life Weight Loss Story

And some deals:
* text DECORATE to 827438 on your mobile device, and you’ll get a Target store coupon valid for a $10 Gift Card with a $50 Home Decor purchase. This can also be used with the Cartwheel home coupons available right now for 15% off Threshold decorative storage, and 15% off wall mirrors and clocks!
* Save 17% on everything (including outlet!) at, through 3/17! (click on link to activate)
* Penny Prints at Snapfish – 99 prints for 99 cents using code PENNYMAR at checkout. Shipping is usually $5-$6
* this raised garden kit at Home Depot is only $29!
* our favorite flashlight (from favorite things 2013) is only $5 right now.
* set of 6 Blue Ball Heritage Jars for $7.91
* Metro Mags Colors 100 Piece Set $69 – these are compatible with magna tiles!
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*affiliate links are used on some items in this post – thanks! Full disclosure here.


  1. Thank you for the link to the story of Billie D. Harris. My husband has served in the USN for 22 years and is getting ready (ironically) to go to the USS Normandy for his last tour of duty. We both hold WWII Veterans and their families in high regard for their sacrifices. What I mostly loved about this story was the reminder that many French people also still remember. So, even though I look like a tear-stained raccoon now, my heart is truly warmed!

    1. Thank you and your husband for your service to our country.I love the greatest generation as well and it is humbling to think that in a decade, most will be gone. Any time I start to get frustrated behind an older driver I think of those sacrifices that they made that we will never know personally and I just can't get mad. May your husband have a safe tour of duty! Thank you for your comment --

  2. I cried through the WWII story too - thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your 'Caught My Eye' posts!!


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