under $10 under 1 hour: spring 2014 party

25 March 2014

It’s party day! The spring weather couldn’t be more perfect here but I know some of you got SNOW this morning – and for that, I send my condolences.
For my little Under $10 Under 1 Hour project today, I made a little inspiration board.
little inspiration board
My church publishes a magazine for youth called the New Era – it’s also online. I love to read it and every month they have the best inspirational posters and cards:
new era inspiration

I dug the past few issues out of the Sunday bag (the big black bag I take to church with me to try to keep the peace with the kids) and cut out the cards and sent them through the laminator. (I got this on an Amazon Gold Box deal 4 years ago for $20 and it has been worth every penny – I’ll alert you if I see them go on a crazy sale again)
I picked up a little wooden board and magnet clips from Walmart and a can of spray paint.
Just paint the board, hot glue the clip and you are set with a little inspiration board to put up in the bathroom, bedroom, a locker, wherever and you can switch them out with new cards or quotes every week/month/whenever you remember. They would also make great little gifts for a teenager!little inspiration board
They have these online too so you can print them off at home or send them to a print shop. I love them!!
Here they are for 2014 so far:
January 2014   1 --- 2 --- 3
February 2014   1 --- 2 --- 3
March 2014    1 ---  2 --- 3
   April 2014     1 --- 2 --- 3
Okay, let’s party! Just a few things to remember:
*please only one link per blog, but you can put several projects in one post if you would like
*it has to be a project under $10, under 1 hour, no shops or advertising.
*please visit and comment on the 2 links before yours. That’s the best part of these parties, the comments and interaction!
* I would love it if you would add the party graphic to your post:
under $10 under 1 hr spring 2014
Thank you – can’t wait to see what you’ve got!
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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am going to hand this quote in my kids bathroom.

  2. we are getting snow right now. so much for spring. thanks for this party!

  3. Your board is perfect Melissa. You'll enjoy changing it out. :)

  4. I love your board! You always come up with the BEST under/under projects!

    I'm racking my brain right now to think if I've done anything in the past several weeks that would qualify. I'm afraid most of my activities around here lately have been of the lots of time/a good bit of money variety. I need a good little, inexpensive project to get my juices flowing again!! Maybe I'll find some good inspiration from some of the linkers!

    Love you, girl! How's the house going??

  5. This is a great idea! I think I want to make one for my girls' bathroom--there are endless quotes to use, though those from the New Era are just about perfect. Thanks for the party!


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