16 things to look for that could make a fortune on ebay

19 June 2014

Did you know that I sold on Ebay as a side job before the world of blogging? I sold some of our own random things, others that I had found at yard sales that I had a hunch might be worth something, and I also sold for some neighbors that had valuable things but didn’t know how to use the computer so I would list items for them and they would pay me for my time.
I don’t have the time for it now, but I still keep my eyes peeled for items that could be WELL worth my time. The best places to find these are at yard/garage/estate sales. Many thrift stores these days have people who are well versed in what items are worth so they catch them before they hit the floor and have their own divisions that sell online. Of course, the condition, year, and style will all make a difference, but here are some to look out for – you never know when you might come across one on an early Saturday morning at a family yard sale.  Heck, maybe your parents have some of these laying around? I’m including the links on Ebay so you can see more info about them. All pictures are also from Ebay.
Kenner Blythe dolls, especially those with original dresses. This one went for $2000:

ebay 1

Anything McIntosh stereo –vintage state of the art, well-built stereos sound enthusiasts LOVE. This one sold for $3,400

Vintage Pyrex bowls: this Cinderella pink nesting set went for over $1000

Diapers! (who knew?!)
Vintage Disposable diapers – $1,000 a pack!!
ebay pampers

ebay attends

ebay cloth diapers

Vintage brick style cell phones – for $650??
ebay brick cell phone

Martha Stewart Noah’s ark cookie cutters can make you $450 richer for the full set:ebay 4

Remember the little polly pockets?? A set like this sold for just under $1000. The most desirable ones have the little people with the sets.
ebay polly pockets

a complete Fireball Island Board Game fetches $450

Security blankets can bring in big bucks. Think about it: a beloved blanket gets lost and the child won’t sleep without it? It’s amazing what people will pay for a peaceful night.  This bunny one from Fisher Price is most popular and can bring in over $300:

ebay bunny blanket

Vintage Mattel Shootin Shell Cap Gun Pistols, especially if they still have the holsters $300
ebay 5

Jellybeans for Breakfast book – at least $200 ebay 3

The Fourteen Bears book – sold for $125ebay 2

Some ladies love their vintage Lady Schick mist curlers $80
ebay rollers

ebay gloworm

You are going to wish you kept that Trapper Keeper! They can bring in $100+
ebay trapper keeper

Keep those eyes open, you just never know when you might come across one. Have any of you found something at a yard sale that went for big bucks??
16 things to look for that could bring big bucks on Ebay


  1. I loved that bear book and had forgotten about it. Thanks for a memory. ...hmmm wonder if mom still has it?! kaching!

    1. That book looks so sweet! I want a copy now :)

    2. I have that bear book. The cover is all torn and it is well used, but I loved it as a girl. My girls all love it and are already fighting over who gets it.

  2. Oh gosh...we have a ton of those tiny Polly Pockets....with all the pieces!! Ka-ching!:)

    1. We did too! Wish I would have waited a bit longer to sell them...

  3. I'd love to resale and make millions. How did you find all this info??

    1. Years ago, I found a blankie on Ebay for a neighbor who was desperate to find a duplicate for when her daughter's was being washed. That's when I saw how much they were going for. When I sold on Ebay about 10 years ago, I belonged to an online selling forum that discussed what sold well. I made a list and kept it in my wallet for when I was at yard sales. I found it when we were moving and looked up some of the items -- some still were selling well, some not. We may have to do a round 2! Also, you can go to different departments on Ebay, and check "sold listings" and then sort from highest price to lowest price to see what is bringing in big $$$. Good luck :)

  4. Wow, who'd knew all these stuff could be worth so much? I'd have to go through my boxes of junk to find if there's anything of value. ;)

  5. This is great! Now I can start going through my "treasure" box to see if there anything for sale on Ebay. Who knows some of them might make a great sale.

  6. I have that original Glo Worm and it works! Hmmmm

  7. That is crazy! I always worry about getting rid of stuff in case it is worth something.

  8. Abbey loved Polly Pockets (so did I!) and we had tons-gave them all away-darn. Wish I still had them for Janey! Cool post Melissa-funny about the diapers!?

  9. Wow! Those are things I would have passed right over at a sale. I collect vintage tablecloths and one day I was at a store and picked up a cloth that had really pretty colors, but I couldn't really make out the design. The price was good so I bought it. When I looked it up a few weeks later, I realized I had accidentally found the Holy Grail tablecloth. Who knew? I'm saving that one for sure!


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