how to wash car floor mats

24 July 2014

We just came back from a wonderful vacation visiting family with LOTS of driving.

Crazy hours in the car which came with crazy trip smells. We cleaned out the car today and took it to get a good car wash.

I had seen where people just stick the car floor mats in their washing machine, but I am pretty sure it messed up the balance on my old machine, and having them shampooed just seems to attract more dirt.
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When we were renting this past fall, I visited the friendly neighborhood laundromat a few times, and I thought: what if I just washed the car floor mats in the big commercial machine? So, I tried it today.

 $4 in quarters for the heavy duty commercial machine – I stuck them all in and ran some errands, came back a couple of hours later (no one stole them!) and they looked soooo much better and my car smelled semi-normal again.

wash car mats in washing machineI
Just a little trick that won’t ruin your machine and will get your car feeling fresh again.


  1. my local car wash has a floor mat washer (it kinda looks like a commercial dough-roller), but it's $4 for only 2 mats.

  2. Did you just hang them out to dry then? -Kimberly

  3. Very cool! I wonder if there is one here?

  4. Kimberly -- yes, it's so hot it took minutes for them to dry!

  5. I was literally just looking at my mats today thinking, these are disgusting!! Good to know! I will have to drop by a laundromat this weekend.

    So I am confused, Melissa! Did you guys actually move into your new house yet, or is it still in process?

  6. Thank you Melissa for sharing! We have a 15 passenger van that we drove across the country and are in desperate need of a wash. Our local car wash could clean them for 5- a piece. No bueno-too many mats for me. As always thank you for your great money saving ideas!

  7. Great idea! Never thought of doing that before. Thanks Melissa!


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