good finds at the dollar store

16 September 2014

You all know I love the dollar store. I even did a whole post on some of my favorite finds. I had not been to the dollar tree in a LONG time (months, which is a record for me) and I needed some clips for my hot rollers, so it was a good excuse to go in and browse. Here are some fun finds that may be at your dollar tree:

Shugar Soapworks soap -- this is a big bar of soap, so pretty, made in the USA, no parabens, made from essential oils and plant-based ingredients. What a great little gift or to fill a glass jar in the bathroom. They sell for sell for $8 a bar on Amazon!

shugar soapworks oatmeal verbena soap

Is anyone you know into duct tape projects? Stock up! These are great for stocking stuffers or throw a bunch together for a gift.
duct tape dollar tree

Essie nail stickers!! The exact ones are $10 at Target. Again, stocking stuffers or a sweet gift with a nail file.essie nail stickers dollar tree

Orange tin buckets: I am a sucker for tins. Use them for wheat or some pretty yellow mums -- what a fun pop of color.
orange buckets dollar treeorange buckets mum

Drawer organizers -- our desk drawer needs some help:
drawer organizers

And this fold out turkey is purely sentimental. My Grandma had one and I thought it would be fun for the kids' table at Thanksgiving.
turkey fold out

I'm not affiliated with the Dollar Tree in any way, although I should be by now. :) Have you found anything fun at the dollar store lately?


  1. Now I have to go to the Dollar Tree! I hope they have those at ours! Love the nail covers for gifts!

  2. melissa*320 sycamore9/16/14, 2:16 PM

    I hope so too! Let us know..

  3. Kim @ Vintage Pretties9/16/14, 3:29 PM

    I am all over the soap & orange buckets! Thanks so much for sharing -- I love your $ tree posts.

  4. We had one of those turkeys too!!

  5. A couple of people I know have bought cute Halloween striped paper straws at DT lately. Haven't seen them myself but I'm hoping to go soon before they're all gone!

  6. I was at the dollar tree just the other day, now that you mention it! I found some clear bins for my boys' socks, some hydrogen peroxide (always a great staple) and some epsom salts that, as it turns out, did not smell all that soothing. And a brush that I dropped and broke the first time I tried to use it. But hey, you win some, you lose some, right? Adventures in bargain shopping! =) Thanks Melissa!

  7. A Grace Full Life9/17/14, 6:33 AM

    What dollar store do you go to????
    Mine has NOTHING like this!
    Soooo jealous.
    For the turkey alone.

  8. It's the cheapest place in town for balloons. We let the kids get one-per-year-they-are-old on their birthday. I love walking out of there with a big bouquet. It's also a favorite for little toys that look cute on top of birthday cakes or for a simple stack of items for a kid's birthday party.

  9. Hey Melissa! You will have to read my recent post about dollar tree bargains too! I must have found the soap around the same time you did. I found some other great stuff too.

  10. 1. Sudoku books - they are a bathroom essential, and cost 4 times as much at other stores. 2. Balloons - my gosh, what a bargain and they bring in specialty ones for graduations along with all holidays 3. Books - they may have been bestsellers 15 years ago, or a mild-seller, but I hate to take a library book when I travel, so this is a great bargain for a clean new book 4. Yes, the orange tins are adorable - I am planning a pumpkin baby shower and the wheels are turning

  11. Love the fold out Turkey!

  12. Is the Dollar Tree also known as The Dollar Store?

  13. I too wish just ONE of our 3 dollar stores had these items! No luck here in Searcy Arkansas! Sad😔

  14. Barbara Moton12/18/14, 9:13 AM

    I found the same soap last night.


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