simple range hood decor

18 September 2014

When I showed you our kitchen, I mentioned that I wasn’t quite sure what was going above the range hood. It  was still blank and white and daring me to do something with it. 
kitchen big drawers and range hood hood
This past week when I was unpacking fall décor, I found this sweet wreath that I apparently found at the Goodwill in Virginia on March 23, 2013 for 95 cents. I had completely forgotten about it and there it was smooshed between the fall wreath and Christmas wreath.
95 cents

I left the fall stuff behind and ran upstairs because I had an idea of where it could go…
kitchen range hood
I just grabbed some white dishes from my white collection that used to be over our kitchen sink,  cut up a dishcloth from the dollar store and made it look like a ribbon
fabric ribbon striped
and there we go. It’s not exactly fall or festive, but I wanted something simple and clean that I didn’t have to change through the seasons (unless I want to of course)
above range
Next, I would love to put something under the range hood, but haven’t come across the perfect thing yet. Maybe that will come when we unpack Christmas. :)
kitchen range hood 320 sycamore
So now we’re in the middle of organizing the garage, the boys’ room, planting bushes/landscaping stuff, and bringing fall out -- but at least my range hood is dressed??


  1. Pretty! Once upon a time that was a pricey wreath...can't be sure but either Pottery Barn or Ballards. I love the cut-up-dish-towel for ribbon touch, it's perfect!

  2. Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage9/18/14, 12:06 PM

    It looks beautiful and so incredibly frugal...I love that!

  3. astrollthrulife9/18/14, 1:34 PM

    I love it, what a great idea and I love the towel ribbon too, perfect.

  4. Very cute! As a recent transplant, 6 hours away from my hometown where I lived my while life, I'd love to hear more on how you find friends and connections in a new place. I am really struggling with that especially having older kids.

  5. I love that wreath! Every time I see one of your frugal finds I want to sneak behind you at the thrift store--just to see what you'll find that I would probably overlook! AMAZING! So I have a suggestion for your back splash. I am in love with silver platters with chalkboard painted centers. I think an oversized oval platter would look so great there--and you could have fun quotes and change it up. Can't wait to see more of your new house!

  6. Emily @ On the V Side9/19/14, 2:52 PM

    Mpwdmom is right - that's the Pottery Barn bay leaf wreath from a few years ago... and it was a LOT more than 95 cents! Great find and your kitchen is beautiful!


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