birch tree logs for fireplace decor

13 October 2014

sticks in basket for fall

We had a wicked storm about a week ago and lost our trampoline and some deck chairs. That is a story for another day. But there was a bright spot -- when I was driving my daughter to practice on Saturday morning, I saw a yard with branches scattered all over from the storm. The white ones were the ones that caught my eye! I dropped her off, came back and asked if I could take the white ones. The guy said, please do, I’m hauling them off this afternoon. Yessssssssssss.

white poplar branches

They were on my mind because I had JUST paid $24 ($12 + $12 shipping) for 6 birch logs (they were more like sticks) to put by the fireplace. Not to use for a fire mind you, but just for decoration. I can see my dad shaking his head right now. I wish I would have waited! I had checked online, googled it, called some firewood companies, and wasn’t having any luck so I threw in the towel and ordered some from an etsy shop. Wouldn’t you know the next day, I found these.

birch logs white poplar branches

They aren't birch, maybe white poplar? Since we’ve been tree shopping for our landscaping I’m picking up lots of tree names but I’m not positive on this one. I just chopped off the bottoms about 1.5 feet long,

use chop saw to cut birch branches
and there they are mixed in with the birch ones in a basket by the fireplace.
sticks in basket for fall

Since then, I’ve seen some at Crate and Barrel if you are on the lookout and don’t want to pay shipping. But take a look around your neighborhood first!  I have fond memories of peeling the birch tree in front of my grandparent's home in Montana. If I was close, I'd ask if their tree needed a trim.
I do think they are lovely though and the leftover branches are very cool. If I can find a place to stash them, you may be seeing them in a future project. They would be beautiful with white lights too. Hmmmm.
Have you ever been looking for something, finally paid for it, and then found it for much less afterward?
And please mark your calendars -- our semi-annual Under $10 Under 1 Hour Party is next Thursday! I love to see what you’ve been up to!
under $10 under 1 hour fall 2014 party


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