let your phone be your personal assistant

29 October 2014

I’ve shared with you how I use calendars to remind myself of yearly sales, things I don’t want to forget. Well, now my phone is my best friend. I didn’t think I would convert but it really is SO handy. I send myself notes and reminders constantly of things to remember, what went well, what I would do differently for random things. Here is one coming for the first Monday in November when I really get serious about Christmas planning --

make your phone work for you

I jumped on the “3 Gifts of Christmas” bandwagon last year and realized it just wasn’t for me. I’m better with having a budget for each child and doing what I can with it. Plus, we have 2 December birthdays and sometimes we get a larger gift by putting the Christmas/birthday budget together. I tried to pick outfits out for my girls and it was disaster. I thought I knew their tastes, but they are always changing. I should have just given them a gift card, we love to go out shopping together over the Christmas break anyway when everything is on clearance.

 Anyway, it ended up being more stressful for me and I was wondering why I was trying to do what everyone else was doing. So I use my phone to send myself helpful messages like -- don’t do the remote control cars you see everywhere again, they were broken by afternoon but the art sets would have been perfect for the boys.

It is also fantastic to remind yourself about great sales. For 2015, I have reminders set for the huge Forever 21 sale 50% off plus free shipping on Columbus Day for jewelry stocking stuffers for the girls. I LOVE the Gap Outlet friends and family in August where it is 40% off everything, plus you can use coupons on top of it.  My husband loves Jos A Bank traveler shirts, so I have a reminder set for when the sale usually is. I have a reminder next week that Target Halloween went 90% off on November 5. It saves time and money because instead of randomly shopping, you can know the best sales and wait for them.

Let your phone be your helper, and send yourself handy messages! Any other helpful phone tips that help you out or sales that you wait for every year?



  1. what apps do you use?

  2. I love my "reminders" too! I use it all the time. I'm getting good at "telling" Siri, in one fell swoop, what, when, and when to send me an alert. I rarely type on the phone anymore (and I love it).

  3. Such a great idea! I'm going to start doing this on my calendar TODAY! My husband also loves the Jos A Bank Traveller shirts! When do they usually go on sale? Thanks!

  4. Anne @ I need some inspiration10/30/14, 10:11 AM

    Super idea. I put off the smartphone for a long time, too, but I finally bought in last Black Friday, which is a good sale to mark on the calendar. Supposedly that's the best time to reup/buy a new phone! :)

  5. HI Melissa, I wondered if you ever thought about celebrating your December birthdays on their "half birthday" in June? That way, it would spread the gift giving out a bit. Just a thought. Thanks for all your practical suggestions!

  6. melissa*320 sycamore11/3/14, 1:44 PM

    It's just the calendar on my phone.

  7. melissa*320 sycamore11/3/14, 1:44 PM

    Usually the 2nd or 3rd week in December

  8. great post!! thanks for the tips!! Can you remind of the sales for next year before hand?? LOL! I"m reading this now, but I'll forget!


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