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14 November 2014

I've been trying to figure out how to get wreaths on all of my windows for Christmas. I found this post at Things That Inspire and fell in love with this house!

* 3 great tips about protecting your privacy on Facebook -- did you know your phone number and ads you’ve looked at are available?

* Lasting Relationships Come Down to 2 Basic Traits

* DIY Plantation Shutters?? Get out. At Provident Home Design:
Kids Bathroom Blue and Green

and DEALS -- these are the prices when I hit publish, they can change or run out at any time:

* Staples has some great deals this week: 24 pack mechanical pencils are $2.86 when you use code 93337 at checkout. Also, their 5 shelf wire shelving is only $39.99! Other sizes of shelving are also on sale.

* from my email: the Children’s Place has $1 fleece hats this weekend -- in-store only!


* HP 15.6" laptop for $299

If you love Christopher & Banks -- they let you stack codes (use more than one)! Like, lots of codes -- put over $50 of merchandise in your cart and go to town with these codes, most worked for me! 56994 - $20 off $50 , 35064 - $10 off $50 , 34723 - $10 off $40 , 54362 for 40% off instead of 30% or 35% on 1 full price item , 1101126 for free shipping. Good luck!

* Home Depot has their light exchange this weekend -- for every strand of old lights you bring in to recycle (up to 5) they will give you a coupon for $3, $4, or $5 of a new set of LED lights.

* The Christmas Pageant (Hallmark) $3.99

* Richard Scarry hardcover books: Best Counting Book Ever $4.41 and The Great Pie Robbery $4.97

* The Wizard of Oz: Blu-Ray 75th Anniversary Edition $8.99

* Green Toys Orange Tractor $11.99

* Little Tikes Lil' Wagon $18.49

* Wonderworld Little Tool Box $19.99

* LEGO Chima Cragger Command Ship $54.37

* Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen $69.99

* Mongoose 20-Inch Boy's Freestyle Bike $89.99

AND next week, Favorite Things is back! Favorite Things will be shared all week from some of my favorite bloggers and then we’ll have our annual link-up on Thursday. I can’t wait!

favorite things 2014

Happy Weekend--

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  1. This post might be of interest to you with regard to wreaths on windows --

  2. melissa*320 sycamore11/14/14, 1:26 PM

    ooooh, thank you! Except mine don't open at the top, something I should have thought of!!

  3. i bought these giant suction cups for my upstairs windows last year and they actually worked (in some really cold temps, too).|dc&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping+-+Kids+%26+Teachers&CS_003=10131488&CS_010=%5BProductId%5D&gclid=CjwKEAiA7ZajBRCpur2xi47n1zkSJADqV2WlvAPRGujRtei0mGG22kwlV1LFCEseaYPGV-0CmEcW2hoCnC3w_wcB

  4. Bonnie Stafford11/14/14, 2:24 PM

    Yea! for Favorite Things!!!

  5. I have been thinking about doing a Favorite Things Party in January so I am excited for next week.

  6. Hi Melissa, I hang my wreaths from the upper sash as well but if you don't have a functioning upper sash and you have wood window you might try pounding a very small finishing nail or brad on top of the lower sash. You can't see them and they could stay in place year round. that way you could twist wires around the wreath and wire it to the brad. I'd wire it in several places so the wreath won't fall when the wind blows. Just hang the ribbon on the wreath itself a bit higher. You won't have the long ribbon that attaches it to the upper sash but the wreaths will look pretty just the same. If you have wood window, you could pound the brad at the top of the entire window and hang the ribbon from the top as well.

  7. I use the command hooks for my outdoor Christmas wreaths. I buy the ones with the metal arm or "hook" made to hold 30 pounds are more (just want a little insurance with the weight). They are amazing. I am always impressed that they withstand the cold and harsh Idaho winds every year. I put Christmas wreaths up on the outside of all the front windows at Christmas. I love that classic look!


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