pottery barn inspired christmas wreath

24 November 2014

I saw this wreath in the PB catalog and fell in love, but didn’t love the $299 (gulp!) price tag. So I pulled out a pine wreath I’ve been using on my front door for the past couple of years and spruced it up a little.

pottery barn christmas wreath

I found some magnolia leaves at a local décor shop that were 50% off with their summer stems (Tai Pan Trading for locals -- you can also find some at Save On Crafts online and lots of etsy sellers sell fresh ones!). I stole some red berries from some other arrangements I had from previous years. Good white berries were most difficult to find?? I went with some from JoAnn Fabrics but am still keeping an eye for some fantastic ones. The jingle bells I had from a jingle bell wreath I tried to make last year, and the pinecones were in my Christmas/winter bins too.

christmas wreath pottery barn inspired

And a little secret: I hung it on the door for the picture, but then put my autumn wreath back up until after Thanksgiving, because I’m not ready to re-vamp the whole porch before family comes over for Thanksgiving.

pottery barn inspired christmas wreath

I also tucked some lights in, have you seen these wire battery operated fairy lights?? They are bendable, bright, and have a timer on them so they come on for 6 hours and then automatically turn off for 18. I’ve already used these from Martha Stewart at Home Depot and these at Target for another upcoming project. I love them -- make sure you get the warm white, I’m not crazy about the cool white for Christmas décor. I would have included them in my favorite things but I had already written the post.

wreath with lights
This was very inexpensive for me to put together (about $12?) since I had most of it lying around . Even if you had to buy everything, I think you could easily make it for under $50 and still save yourself $250 :)

Thanks for coming by~

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  1. Love your wreath. I may have to doctor my old ones up a bit.

  2. melissa*320 sycamore11/24/14, 10:02 AM

    Good luck, Millie! It was fun to put together

  3. It's beautiful! Can you imagine those prices???

  4. I like your wreath better :).

  5. Love YOUR wreath so much more than PB's. Can't believe they want $299 for that?!?! Good Job!

  6. Anne @ I need some inspiration11/24/14, 6:49 PM

    Wow, that looks terrific. I can't even tell which is which.

  7. I like yours better than the PB version.


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