how to make the easiest pillows ever

16 December 2014

rocking chair front porch 320 sycamore
I want to show you how to make the easiest pillows ever -- these are the ones on the front porch in the Christmas home tour. They are made out of dishcloths! These were at TJ Maxx, a pack of 2 was $4.99. Gather your dishcloths, some filling (if you have an old pillow that’s flat or worn, just rip it open), and some heat ‘n bond and an iron. Of course you could sew, but you know I  avoid that whenever possible.

You just fold the dishcloths in half,
how to make easy pillows
place the tape down and lightly go over it with an iron to secure it.
When cool, remove the paper tape part and then the clear fusing will be left
Press the top down on top of it, and iron about 10 seconds to seal. Do this with 1 short side and 1 long side
and then on the last short side, stuff with your pillow filling029and then secure the same way. I found that a flat iron works well for this last part!030

And there you have 2 pillows for under $10 if you have some pillow stuffing around and buy the fusible webbing. The stocking pillow directions can be found here.

christmas pillows 320 sycamore
Perfect for some holiday cheer!
rocking chair front porch 320 sycamore


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