fabulous knock-off Hunter boots

20 January 2015

Hello there! Do you remember my sister Kerri? She is a true fashionista and can make anything look like a million bucks -- she has a great find to share with us today so I’ll let her take it away
Is it me or have you been noticing Hunter boots EVERYWHERE?! I have been dying to get some but non-breathable rubber + humidity = disaster; just saying.
Lucky me, Santa delivered some for Christmas now that we are out of Florida. My boots were a little too small so I went to Nordstrom Rack to return them which led to a fabulous discovery! Did you know that Nordstrom Rack not only carries some discounted Hunter boots, but a line that looks just like them?!

(Note the left boots are matte so my black knock-off ones would be more comparable to the original high gloss boots)
You may be thinking, I don’t want pain rubber boots—I want HUNTER boots! That’s where my fabulous discovery comes in…
Hunter welly socks fit the knock-off boots AND select styles are on sale at Nordstrom Rack!
Now can you tell the difference?? Even the buckles on the sides (not shown) are the same!
Buying the Hunter Boots at $89.97, 14th & Union boots at $26.97, and welly socks at $25.00 allowed me to get TWO pairs of boots for less than the price of my original price of Hunters.
It looks like the boots at the link above are now sold out but I found a wider selection of sizing and styles at the actual store. Also, the discounted welly socks are only in-store. Just go to the shoe counter and ask for them. A sales associate will bring out a Tupperware box from the back with the styles left in stock from last season.
NOTE: Sizing is different between Hunter and 14th & Union. I prefer a size up in Hunter to allow for the thick welly socks (size 10) but my regular sizing (size9) worked well in the 14th and Union boots even with the welly socks.
Make sure you try on the welly socks with the boots as not all of them are meant for the tall boots! My welly’s are M/L and I found the M to be too short so make sure you try them on.
My final look for grocery shopping and a Target run on a cool 50 degree California day for a quarter of the cost! ($26.97 knock-off boots + $25.00 welly socks VS. $148 Hunter boots +$45 welly socks at Nordstrom)
- Kerri
Love this ^^ girl! My teenage girls would LOVE some Hunters so I need to be taking a quick trip to Nordstrom rack. Happy HUNTing :)  -Melissa


  1. Way to go Kari! LOVE them, and what a great find! Can you find some for me now?!

  2. Aurie Bailey Jenkins1/20/15, 6:15 PM

    I love it! I redid a barrell chair a few years ago and was surprised at how "relatively" easy it was to do. The longest part was the sanding and painting. I am on the hunt for a few more for my dining room now. www.findingyourjoyinthejourney.com

  3. cassie {hi sugarplum}1/21/15, 8:37 PM

    YES!!! I love this idea! I totally did the same with Target boots and the hunter fleece socks! such a savings!


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