boys’ room curtains with rope

17 March 2015

I feel like I begin all posts with “do you remember… “ and here I go again! Do you remember the clearance striped duvet covers at Target that I got to copy my sister? Go here to see what I’m talking about. Anyway, I am FINALLY doing something with them. They weren’t quite long enough, so I took the king size, cut it in half,

striped curtains boys room

tied some rope to the top to extend them and clipped them up. (I took the clip off the ring, and then strung the rope through both.) The white lining already on the back of the duvet cover was perfect for curtains! The raw edges from cutting them up

rope on curtains

were bothering me, so I grabbed some heavy duty double stick tape from the junk drawer and TAPED the edges back. I’m getting sick of working on this room and tape was my best friend that day. We have blinds on the windows so the curtains are more for looks so hopefully they won’t get too dirty.

striped curtains with rope

But they are in a boys’ room so of course they will get dirty! but I guess I can wash them and then tape them back. Or actually sew if my sewing machine happens to be threaded or use fusible webbing, but for right now, it works! There are some curtains in my home that have NEVER been washed after being hung (the shame!!), they may join that party too. :) 

Happy cutting, clipping, and taping~ 


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  1. Hey Melissa, I love it that you make cute stuff, and share it with us in a totally real way. It's very encouraging to me! Thanks!


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