cut those thrift store pillow open!

30 April 2015

A thrifting tip: when you are at thrift stores or yard sales, feel the throw pillows. They may be as ugly as sin (actually, this would have fit perfectly in my living room 10 years ago!), but if they have down inserts you’ll want them! Just cut them open,
look for down pillow inserts in ugly pillows at thrift stores

and use the insert in a new pillow cover (this one is the ormkaktus from Ikea for $5)
down inserts from thrift store in pillows
You just saved yourself about $20 and have a pillow that won’t look tired and flat in a few months.
ikea pillow cover with thrift store down insert

This is another boy's room that is in the works...stay tuned!


  1. Definitely! I do this routinely. You can wash the pillow and dry it (thoroughly). When I made throw pillows for my new living room (10 of them all at once), I had plenty of thrift store inserts saved up to stuff them. New, down-filled pillows cost me only the price of the fabric! :)

  2. I totally agree Melissa, this is such a good way to save money! Recently at a local thrift store, I was so excited to find two down-filled Euro pillows that I need for $1 each! They are clean (looking) and in great shape-- probably because they came covered with custom made zippered covers, which I will remove. As others have said, I also like to wash and dry pillows before using them. Then, if possible, I let them lay out in the sunshine for a day or two. It really freshens them up!

  3. I've been doing that for years! And my local thrift stores routinely price the down pillows WAY cheaper than the lumpy polyfill ones. Makes no sense, but I'm not going to be the one to tell them!


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