Popular décor trends from Parade of homes

13 August 2015

I thought it would be fun to highlight some décor trends we spotted at our local Parade of Homes (Utah Valley) this year:

Gray cabinets are still popular as ever:
gray cabinets

light gray cabinets in bathroom

light gray cabinets

But something I haven’t seen before? Dark blue cabinets, especially in the laundry room!
blue cabinets in laundry room

blue laundry cabinets

Industrial boys’ room décor is still going strong:
marquee letters and cool tile on wall

boys room decor with light wood

boys room decor

letters in boys room

wall art usa map

Cool ceiling treatments -- this was a secret passageway into an office
secret passageway into office

wood office ceiling

brick ceiling treatment

Below is another detailed ceiling and notice the modern HORIZONTAL fireplace, we saw lots of those:
family room horizontal fireplace

horizontal fireplace in master

horizontal fireplace with herringbone tile

horizontal fireplace

horizontal industrial fireplace

Fun Playrooms under the stairs:
alice in wonderland playland

garage door playroom

White tile in bathrooms are still a favorite:
white black tile in bathroom

white hex tile in powder room

white tile in bathroom

And look at these beautiful, sleek modern tubs:
modern oval tub

modern tub

sleek modern tub carrera bath
sleek modern tub

I have been spotting more metal railings:
metal railing

metal stair railing

And fun bursts of color in living spaces
entryway table

bright colors in family room

I love Parade of Homes for ideas and inspiration! Do you think any of these trends are here to stay? I do love the modern tubs and white tile ~


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