play room wall

16 September 2015

Hello! Since I have had frames and walls on my mind lately -- I figured I was hanging stuff anyway so I might as well knock it out downstairs too! You will recognize most of these from our basement playroom in our Virginia home.

The “order here” sign was a quickie that I painted from some scrap wood and craft paint. I was totally going to try to DIY a lighted arrow but my sister Kerri did one and said NO! it takes forever! So I was thrilled to find this one on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $10.
play room wall

We had them cut out a “window” so the area under the stairs could be a play area. The play food and cash register are under there, so it made sense to make it a drive up window. :)
wall in play room

The wall lights are from Lowes ($30 each) and they have been great. The red framed map is still a favorite -- the kids (and adults) love looking at it.
play room gallery wall

The greetings from Missoula is an old postcard that I had enlarged to fit the frame. And we collected the quarters in Virginia with the help of my sister Kelsey who worked at a bank at the time.
fun kids' room wall

It’s a bright, fun wall and the bonus was that it was mostly put together from previous projects. Still working on putting the basement together, stay tuned!


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