Pottery Barn Flag DIY

09 June 2016

diy pottery barn american flag

Hello! I have always loved the Pottery Barn American flag – I actually made one back in 2014, but the stars always kind of bugged me so I wanted to give it another try, making it the same size as the PB one but not pay the $159 price.

pottery barn flag

Just go to your local home improvement store and pick up a 4X8 plywood panel. This project would be great to do with 2 friends – go in on all the supplies together and you can make it super cheap or you may have a scrap piece of wood that you could use?

plywood panel for american flag

They will even cut it for you for free --

so have them make a cut every 26” and you will have 18” left over that you can use for another project.

cuts for pottery barn flag

That will make your flag 26”X48”. Now, the key for the stars is to use a stencil! I found this shop online that sells the star stencils perfect for the flag. They have changed the sizes since I ordered, but I would get the 18” size for this flag.

Place the stencil in the upper left hand corner of the flag and tape it off. Then paint the rest of the flag white. I used Sherwin-Williams alabaster for the white. For the paint, you can pick up paint samples when you get the plywood for $3-$4 dollars each and it should be plenty for this project. They should all have the paint formulas in their computers.
how to make pottery barn american flag

Then, paint the blue square – I used Naval by Sherwin-Williams

I used an old posterboard to cut a 2” strip to mark my flag stripes on the board. Since your board is 26” wide, it will be perfect for thirteen stripes that are 2” wide. My red paint color is Sherwin-Williams Fireweed, I love this shade of red! I have also used it on my Christmas chalkboard and my son’s desk chair.

A tip for making crisp stripes: after you tape them off with painter’s tape seal them with a little mod podge, let dry, and then paint over it.

As you are painting, you can make it solid or do a more distressed look.

Then you take your stencil and secure it with painter’s tape and use a sponge brush to dab  the white – don’t use too much paint! I load the brush with paint, then get most of it out on the posterboard, then over the stencil.


And there you go! It’s all ready for your summer festivities :)
pottery barn american flag diy

Total I spent:
$25 for stencil
$25 for the plywood
$9 for the paint
$5 for tape
Total: $64, but if you do it with 2 friends, it will only be $22 each! Once I had all of the supplies, it took me 2-3 hours total (including paint drying but I could do other things in that time)

diy pottery barn american flag for summer

3 cheers for the red, white, and blue! I’ll show you my patriotic porch soon and we are seeing some great ideas from the Parade of Homes that it will be fun to share!


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