cart makeover

27 July 2016

cart makeover

I told you that I went through all my treasures for our youth yard sale and only kept the things I knew I would realistically get to. This was one thing I kept: do you remember this $9 cart from the thrift store??

kitchen cart

I kept it because I think it still has so much potential!  I peeled off some of the top layers of veneer until it was smooth and removed those big old wagon wheels. I also removed the side leaf one the one side.

cart makeover top

Then, I just spray painted it a rustoleum color – smokey beige. The cool industrial wheels were from the Home Depot for $5 each.

For the handle, I just spray painted it an antique brass color.
cart makeover handle

So, for about $30 we have a great little cart to use out on the porch, or for parties for drinks or for parties to set up supplies. :)
cart makeover

It’s been so hot here, but at least it’s good spray paint weather in the garage?


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