Don’t Forget Thanksgiving!

03 November 2016

I know some of you are jubilantly pulling out tinsel and trees and Joy to the World and others are planting your pilgrim heels in the ground until December 1. I shared on Instagram that I came home from an appointment on Nov 1 and my kids were trading Halloween candy and listening to Christmas music! I have neighbors putting lights up (actually a smart choice in this nice weather!) and of course Christmas is spilling out in every store because a longer selling season means more $$$, right?


thanksgiving decor


But I do love Thanksgiving, it is like a wise grandparent of holidays: kind, simple, not rushed, prudent and often taken for granted.


thanksgiving porch


But to take that breath between the gorge of Halloween and the Christmas frenzy is worth the intentional effort. To spend time with family and recognize all that we have been blessed with and what truly we have!

thanksgiving pillows


Now that’s not to be saying that I won’t be making my list and checking some things off (especially when good deals come along!) because that helps our time in December be less hectic as well.


thanksgiving table decor


And there are many worse things than celebrating Christmas for 2 months, but I guess I’m saying I don’t want to forget Thanksgiving, so we’re not! And there might be some intermixing this month but that’s okay. And finally, as you can see, here is my porch -- it probably would have been better to simply title this post “Don’t Skip Thanksgiving” and then post pictures but nothing can ever be that simple for me.


thanksgiving wreath


What about you? Are you a Thanksgiving purist? Or do you believe holidays can peacefully co-exist?



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