Favorite Things: My Sister Kelsey!

16 November 2016

kels collage
So thrilled to have my sister Kelsey sharing some of her favorite things today! My sister Kristin shared her favorites last year and we’ll see if we can get our youngest sister Kerri to share all of her secrets next year.
Kels is kind of amazing: incredible taste, crazy runner girl (Boston Marathon in the spring!), she’s beautiful, kind, has wicked wit, gives me the best recipes, is such a good mom, and always keeps a cool head about things.  I’ll let her take it from here:
Hi Everyone! My name is Kelsey and I am Melissa's younger sister. I am HONORED to be on her Favorite Things week. My husband and I built a home this past year and I look to 320 Sycamore for much of my decorating inspiration (AKA I just copy what Melissa does). Here are a few of my favorite things:
Gapfit breathe long sleeve tee
I love these long sleeved workout shirts. I am very picky when it comes to running tops, especially long sleeved and these are AWESOME. They are loose and comfortable to wear by themselves but you can also throw them over tank tops if you are going to the gym. Gapfit doesn't always go on sale but I have found them in my clearance sections at stores. 
Amphipod Belt
Ok, even if you aren't a runner this belt is a great thing to have. It is extremely light and comfortable to wear (doesn't slip up or down on your hips). I can fit my iPhone 7, running fuel, and keys in this belt. If you aren't a runner, this is great for hiking, walks, or amusement parks when you don't want to bring your whole purse or wallet.
BeachBody Workouts App
This is a great app for at home workouts. I don't belong to a gym so when I want to do strength workout or do something different than running I stream these workouts from my phone onto our TV (you could use Chromecast or Apple TV or just watch on laptop or phone). They have the complete library of all their workouts: Insanity, P90x (all editions), 21 day Fix, etc. It only costs $3 a week and gives me a nice variety of workouts.

I bought this turtleneck a couple of weeks ago at Nordstrom Rack and am obsessed with it! It is the softest, comfiest sweater. Turtlenecks can sometimes be uncomfortable but this one is anything but! Plus at under $20 you can buy multiple colors. Not like I did or anything...=)
Stud Earrings
 stud earrings
I am not one who likes big, flashy earrings. I have always loved diamond studs since freshman year of college. I wear these stud earrings 99% of the time. I love the classic look of diamond studs (or in my case Cubic Zirconia). I wear them dressed up and I wear them with a baseball cap and sneakers. For me they are totally timeless. You don't need to spend alot of $$ to get this classic look.
I have two boys and they have had a variety of different shoes and these moccasins are by far THE best. My dear friend Annie is the hardworking mother of 2 behind these shoes and her quality is unmatched. She uses genuine leather and has mastered these shoes. You get the amazing quality and style and pay half the price of namebrand moccasins. They do not fall off baby's feet and they keep their socks on! This is my go to baby gift. Plus she does custom orders. Check her etsy page out or on instagram: kcmoccs
pink pop
I don't play around with makeup alot. I don't do eyeshadows so a fun way for me to change my look is to change my lipstick. Last year I went into Mac to look at lipsticks but didn't want to pay the price. I went to good old Walgreens and bought Mayelline's knockoffs- Berry Brazen (900) and Pink Pop (860).
If you want a bigger color variety you cannot beat Smashbox's lipstick set.
Melissa got this for me for my birthday and I love all the shades- and it comes with a mattifier. LOVE. 
Naval by Sherwin Williams This color has exceeded my expectations in every way. I knew I would love it but I had no idea I would love it this much. We painted it in our office and on our bathroom cabinets upstairs. It is the PERFECT navy and has no weird undertones. If you are contemplating changing colors in your home, I would recommend Naval in a heartbeat.
Farmhouse chalkboard
farmhouse chalkboard
Most everyone has a chalkboard in their house but what I love about this one is the farmhouse style. It has the perfect warmth in the wood and I think the size is perfect. I have it in my kitchen- The perfect place to write your quotes, grocery lists, or menu.
Buffalo Plaid
buffalo plaid
This ornament is currently hanging on my Christmas tree (yes I already put it up- oops). This is my favorite print right now and I will probably have way too much of it by the time Christmas is over.
Step ladder
step ladder
My sister-in-law gave this to us when we moved into our new home. I use it for everything! So easy to fold and stores easily. It has 3 steps so you rarely need to bring a full ladder into your home. I believe it is also sold at Costco for around the same price. 
ideal lean
Idealfit Protein Powder 
I have been totally converted to this protein powder. The taste is fabulous and the calories/protein ratio is unbeatable. 80 cal in 20g of protein. It is more pricey than some powders but I love the taste- My favorite is chocolate, chocolate coconut, and cake batter. It's like having a milkshake every morning! Winner in my book.
The Selection Series
If you have been a fan of Twilight, Hunger Games, the Divergent series or any other teenage romance novel you will LOVE the Selection series. It is somewhat predictable but yet very suspenseful. And yes it has a love triangle. You will not be disappointed.
I watched the first season of this show in one week. You can watch season 1 on Amazon Prime and Season 2 is currently airing on PBS. It has a Downton Abbey vibe to it and the story line is just as captivating. If you are looking for a new show to watch add this to your list.
Madam Secretary
madam secretary 
I love this series. It is suspenseful without being graphic and it is clean. I love the politics of it and how it portrays scenarios applicable to today. It shows a great husband/wife relationship and I just love Tea Leoni as the actress. In this past election I was very tempted to write her name in for my vote =) 

Thanks, Kels!! I promise you all we ARE sisters – I know you were wondering when she put exercise stuff first and protein powder under food Winking smile But she’s truly an inspiration and what I would give for her legs! Be sure to go check out the rest of Day 3 of Favorite Things and tomorrow I’ll be back to share some of my favorite finds this year. Later gators!

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