The Silos Magnolia Trip

05 April 2017

Oh Magnolia! We took a road trip down here for spring break – we have lots of cousins that live in Texas and we used to live here, so it was such a fun visit. Of course we had to come to the Silos! They were everything I thought they would be after seeing them on Fixer Upper and hearing about them, it was exactly how I’d pictured it to be.

the silos


We had perfect weather and went on a sunny April Monday afternoon:



covered area silos


barn silos


Tip: if you enter from 8th street side, there is free parking. As you drive in, everyone else around wants to charge $10. You can just google Waco Brake & Clutch Supply, it’s right across the street.

where to park at the silos


First, we hit the bakery!! Lots of yummy food trucks all around, but dessert first please:

silos baking



silos bakery


cupcake sign


The cupcakes were $3.99 each and they had order cards they had you fill out while in line to keep everything running smoothly:

magnolia bakery cupcakes


magnolia bakery shelves


I waited in line to get into the bakery bathroom, I didn’t even need to go and just took pictures :)

bakery bathroom


bakery bathroom magnolia


We loved the cupcakes! So dense and moist and the frosting was sweet perfection. Our favorites were the nuts & bolts and carrot cake. I would skip the Elderflower drink, we thought it tasted like dill pickle. Everything is so well thought out from cards they have you fill out with your order to the boxes and wooden forks.cupcakes magnolia bakery


The garden is charming:

fairy garden


magnolia green truck


they were just bringing out spring plants:

magnolia seed supply


They have covered pavilions to sit under with wildflower boxes – We got a yummy bacon grilled cheese, herbed fries and a biscuit from Milo to share because we had already filled up on cupcakes.

flowers fries


And then we hit the store!! Everything is so beautifully displayed and it’s just fun to walk around and look.

magnolia store



hanging bike


inside magnolia store



magnolia store displaymagnolia store shelves


flowers in magnolia


So what did I buy? My awesome sisters gave me a Magnolia gift card for my birthday so I got a t-shirt (of course!), a collapsible basket, telescoping photo stands, metal sign holder, a wood beaded cake stand, and the cutest little cream pitcher to add to my collection. It’s not inexpensive, but I also don’t feel like they were insane prices either.

miles to magnolia


It was so worth going! A few things:


* mean people don’t come to the Silos! Everyone that works there and visits there is so nice and friendly, it’s so fun to see where everyone is from.


* All the employees I spoke with said come between 2-5 p.m. on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to beat the crowds. Most people come right when it opens at 10 and then stay until 1 or 2 and weekends are crazy, be prepared for long lines.


* is it kid friendly? Yes and no. My kids loved the lawn area and running around, swinging and throwing the football, but my youngest only lasted a few minutes in the store so my daughter was an angel and took him out to play. We waited in line at the bakery for 25 minutes, but they keep everything moving really well. At the store we really didn’t have a line. I could have stayed there for much longer but most of my kids were ready to go after an hour or so.



* what about food? There are food trucks there, but many were sold out by 1 p.m.  We don’t have a Freddy’s near us, so we went there ♥ Other recommendations were Torchy’s Tacos and Cafe Homestead.


Other places you can drive by:

* Harp Design Co. 808 N. 15th Street

* Joanna’s original Magnolia store 3801 Bosque Blvd.


* Read their book before you go. As if you don’t feel like they are your next door neighbors, it gives such a tender look into their roots, how they began, the hardships they faced, what drives them, their dreams, and their faith.


I just love seeing what they’ve done for downtown Waco. Anyone who owns property around the Silos has got to be loving their crazy increase in property value. The drive from Dallas-Ft,Worth area was gorgeous in the spring with all of the bluebells and wildflowers and was so GREEN! We went on to Temple, TX to visit family and that drive was beautiful. I saw lots of women on girl trips – I would have loved some more time to explore, but was so, so glad we had the time we did.


Have you been?



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