Pantry ideas, home exterior, firepit, family room, dutch door ideas from the Parade of Homes

19 July 2017

Here are some exteriors that I thought were so pretty:

home exterior

modern farmhouse exterior

beautiful home exterior

And here are some great pantry ideas. You know I love a good pantry!

This one looked like it was part of the cabinets but then

cabinet doors to pantry

push open the door,

cabinet hides pantry

to this gorgeous light-filled pantry!

pantry with window

I loved this sliding barn door to the mudroom with a chalkboard. I also want to come to dinner at this house.

chalkboard barn door

I loved the idea of lazy susans in the corners!

  pantry with lazy susans

Here is another pantry combined wood with white and used drawers and bins for organization:

pantry organization

It also had open shelves, the microwave and a warmer:

pantry with microwave and door

This one was very clever as well.  See the pantry doors on both sides of the cooking area?

long pantry behind stove area

Here is the design on both of the cool swinging doors:

modern pantry door

That opened to the pantry and notice the little grocery door to the garage for easy unloading from the car:

pantry with grocery door

and turned into a long pantry that also had shelves, a bright white work area, a window, and a fridge and then you could exit out the other swinging door:

pantry with fridge

And a few more random ideas:

-cutest firepit ever – red is my favorite to use outdoors:

adorable firepit

A blush pink dutch door to a walk-in closet??? ♥

pink dutch door

I liked this family room set up with the fireplace, windows, and built-ins

family room fireplace

And such a fun play area under the stairs with the faux printed brick, window, and light.

brick playroom under stairs

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