Good Finds * Spring 2018 Edition

14 March 2018

Hello! I’ve been gathering some good finds over the past month that I wanted to share with you!

First off, it’s a perfect time to begin wheat grass for Easter! It’s super easy and makes a beautiful Easter centerpiece (and you can throw it in your smoothies afterward!) Here are the easy instructions

how to grow wheat grass in less than 2 weeks

Next, to go along with your Easter dinner this really is the best carrot cake from Southern Living!! My sister Kelsey introduced us to it and it is so divine. There is also a sheet cake version if you’re not into the 3 layer cake thing.


Okay, we have to talk bunny plates. Pottery Barn came out with these in 2012-2013 and I was a bit obsessed with them and actually spent a lot my birthday money on bunny cupcake plates!! They became really hard to find though and were going for crazy amounts on Ebay. If you are still looking you can get a set of 12 for $600 (!!!!!!) BUT! I was in Burlington Coat Factory picking up new Sunday pants for my super fast growing 13 year old boy and guess what I saw?

Bunny cupcake plate knockoffs! So I think the original PB ones went for $14.50 or close to that.

Here are the knockoffs:


Left is PB, right is the knock off for $5.99. There is more detail in the Pottery barn one and a little rim of beads around the plate.


I love this one and actually like the knockoff on the right better with the little foot raised ($4.99)


And this one was $5.99 and I don’t remember seeing this design at Pottery barn, it’s super cute though with the baby bunny climbing on the mom’s back. I found them at Burlington Coat Factory – but they could be at other discount stores like it – maybe like Marshalls?? They are so cute to put nests on or candles or little pots of greenery.

And speaking of candles ^^^, if you are looking for a dupe of Capri Blue Volcano candle, Pomelo Citron from Bath & Body Works is close! Not exactly, but it’s a great spring/summer scent! It has “crisp Pomelo, Island Citron, Agave Nectar” while Volcano candle is tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, lightly exotic mountain greens – I would say I don’t smell the green part in the Pomelo Citron as much but it is still so, so good and I got a couple for $10 each this past weekend on their sale, so less than half the price of the Volcano candle. The first B&BW store I went to was sold out but another one had just gotten a shipment in so I snagged some!

Okay, next up is the fact that Hobby Lobby has some great pillow covers!!  This one is the Kilim pillow cover was only $10 and some change with the coupon but it has great texture and detail.


The gray & cream woven one was also great:

gray cream woven hobby lobby pillow cover

So was the gray sweater knit pillow for around $6.50 with coupon!

gray sweater knit

And this black and cream kilim wool cover for $11.50 with the coupon

kilim pillow

And last but not least I have to share this gem I found at the Dollar Tree!!! Back in 2015 I shared that a scraper/chopper I had gotten on Amazon was a favorite thing and it definitely still is – so I was THRILLED to see that the Dollar Tree has one now and it is every bit as good! It is the Cooking Concepts brand is of course, $1. I use these in the kitchen to scrape off counters or cut up brownies, another in the bathroom to scrape off toothpaste or dried up hair gel on the counters or floors, there was some frozen gum on our front porch that I used it on. It’s just a handy tool to have around and you can even order them online now!

chopper 320 sycamore dollar tree

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