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17 October 2018

Waco Girl's Tri

If you are thinking of going to Waco / the Silos / Magnolia, just do it! We were wondering if things had died down at all with the end of Fixer Upper on HGTV but they most definitely have not.  I would highly recommend it as a girls trip, we kept thinking how our husbands would die at the things we were loving.

Girl, didn’t you just take a girls trip?? I had the rare opportunity to take TWO sisters trips in September – one with the girls on my husband’s side to Nashville and another with my sisters and SIL’s to Waco at the end of September!  We usually do sister trips every other year but I have sisters on both sides that are still having babies so we have to go when the time is just right between breastfeeding babies and pregnancies and so they both happened in the same month. Bless my husband and my kids! And now I’m sad I don’t have a sister trip coming up for a long while.  I have some great tips we found out and things to share with you!

1. Where to stay in Waco – hotels have gotten super expensive there! I would definitely recommend VRBO. We stayed in the Cottage at Chapel Ridge. It was our least expensive option and Lori is a dream hostess! She had peach cobbler and Blue Bell Ice Cream waiting for us along with fresh eggs from her chickens and all of the makings for s’mores. She has remodeled the homes in Fixer Upper Style and thinks of everything to make you feel at home AND she doesn’t charge a cleaning fee so it saves you a bunch of money. It was about 15 minutes to Magnolia Table and 20 minutes to the Silos. We would highly recommend it. There was another group of ladies staying in the home next door as well so check out her other properties.

vrbo in waco

waco vrbo where to stay in waco

2. Magnolia Table – a MUST! I wish we could have gone back for lunch. It really is so, so good.  We went on a SATURDAY (go on a weekday if you can) and had to wait about an hour for a table for 6. Not bad at all and so worth the wait – definitely try the lemon lavender donut holes while you are waiting in the covered outside area! Yummmm.

magnolia table drip jam

Butternut Squash soup for breakfast? Yes, please! We all ordered something different and passed around the plates, and honestly, nothing disappointed. I almost ordered the Gaines Brothers Burger for breakfast but didn’t and was hoping they had it at the food truck at the Silos but no luck there. 2 of my sisters have made it from the Magnolia cookbook and said it was the best burger they had so I would have added that to our buffet next time! Note that they are only open for breakfast and lunch -- the menu and info is here.

magnolia table breakfast

The biscuits and strawberry butter were heavenly!!

magnolia table biscuits

And of course the decor was perfection. I love this fireplace + mantel! ♥

magnolia table decor

3. Magnolia Warehouse Shop – this is also a MUST. Like, the best find EVER!! Basically, take amazing things you would find at Magnolia but 50-75% off. We found sooo many good treasures. I would recommend being there at least 15 minutes before opening so you can have the best selection. This is her original shop on Bosque and is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (Double check before you go!)

magnolia warehouse info

We may or may not have COME BACK in the afternoon!! We were hoping that they would have brought more out but the morning definitely had the best selection. Warning: If you don’t like tight spaces or crowds, this may not be the place for you. Just think of the deals though!

magnolia warehouse shop info

It is also a great place for t-shirts and sweatshirts and out of season candles! The sweatshirt was around $10 I think??


magnolia warehouse

magnolia warehouse shop on bosque 

We bought so much here that we hardly got anything full price at the Magnolia Market at the Silos.

Here are some things to give you ideas of what to find and prices

magnolia warehouse pricemagnolia warehouse pricesprices for magnolia warehouse items

and the mirrors with hangers were only $17.50!! You should have seen us carrying these babies on and getting them through security…

mirrors at magnolia market

We had to pull over in a parking lot near the Alico building and take things out of bags and figure out how to fit them in our suitcases!

alico building waco magnolia shopping

A few more things:

* We loved Torchy’s Tacos and it’s very close to the Silos. The queso is to die for!

torchy's tacos waco

* If you have time, Spice Village is a collection of vendors selling everything you could imagine and the Findery is another shop selling Magnolia like items and are great stops as well. We really didn’t much here because well, remember the warehouse??

the findery wacospice village waco

* Waco Tours got the best reviews but we just didn’t have time so we took our own little driving tour. The Gorman house was the first house ever featured on Fixer Upper and we drove past (2001 Gorman Ave.) and the awesome ladies staying there (it is now a VRBO!) saw us slowly creeping by in our discreet large black suburban and waved us to come in for a tour. They were the best!

gorman house  fixer upper

Another favorite was the German Shmear house (5517 Lake Highlands Dr). It’s in a gorgeous neighborhood and is also now on Air BnB.

german shmear house fixer upper

And the most famous one is not hard to find if you ask around…

chip jo house

* Also in Waco is Twisted Root Burger – a fun atmosphere and great burgers & salads.

twisted root waco

* We flew into Dallas and rented a suburban and we needed every inch of space in that thing with our checked bags (♥ that Southwest!) Dallas was much more affordable for hotels so we only stayed one night in Waco. If you drive from Dallas area, you must stop at the Czech stop and get yourself a warm kolache!

czech stop kolaches

In Dallas – the Pecan Lodge BBQ is SOOOOO good. You can then roll yourself down the street to Picole Pops and try to make room for the best darn ice cream bar you’ve ever tasted. These are both in Deep Ellum -- a fun, eclectic neighborhood.

pecan lodge dallas

As you can see, this trip was all about shopping and food and of course the company, I love my sisters ♥! I hope it gave you good ideas if you are planning a trip there! This post is already crazy long so I will post inspiration pics from the Silos and Magnolia Market tomorrow – it was so beautiful there and gives you great ideas for styling.

Thanks for stopping by~


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