Bathroom Refresh * How to remove wallpaper with fabric softener * Revere Pewter match formula

01 May 2019

Hello! Our main upstairs bathroom got a little refresh.

Do you remember the before? I loved the wallpaper...

BUT I really don't know what I was thinking putting it behind two sinks? The water marks were awful.

So, down it came. My favorite thing for removing wallpaper -- we removed SO much in our Texas house -- is hot water and fabric softener. Spray on, let sit and then take a corner and a putty knife and start scraping and lifting. Wallpaper scorers work well too if the wallpaper isn't coming off very easily.

We painted over parts that came off with the wallpaper -- that is why it's good to keep extra paint and the formula on hand! We used revere pewter throughout most of our house and love it. Here is the formula for the paint match we used:

and then added some simple black mirrors from Hobby Lobby. Target also had some but they were only 28" and the Hob Lob ones were bigger at 32" so we went with those.

You may spot the Israeli Ruscus in the dollar spot stem jars from my Instagram stories 2 months ago!! It's still green and beautiful, I'm sold on it. Just a simple refresh for the bathroom, I like the less busy feel since I feel like the pattern on our countertops have more going on there. A new bath mat and towels from TJ Maxx and we're set. Thanks for coming by~

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