Out and About Finds Fall 2019

28 August 2019

Hello! It's been a good time to go into stores because I have been up near the stores because I have been going to physical therapy. Why???? Blast it all, because I tore my MCL and probably partially tore my ACL! What the heck? How???? I jumped off the top of the houseboat at Lake Powell and my knee hit the water weird. It hurt at the time but I've hurt my knee before so I just thought it would get better. But it didn't so I finally got it checked out.  

I'm just talented at doing dumb things I guess. It's really, really annoying but I'm hoping I can avoid surgery. Soooo, I've been hobbling around the store taking pictures of fun fall finds for you. Why do I get such delight in this? I don't know but I do. Especially if it's something you're looking for.

 I linked to them online if I could find them, if not you'll have to head to the store. Most stores will let you call ahead and hold them for you too! I'm not listing prices because they change so quickly with all of the sales and I think Labor Day weekend (starting usually tomorrow or Friday) may be your best bet!

Remember how Michael's won Christmas last year? Well, nothing caught really my eye there. Honestly. So, let's head over to JoAnn's because they were probably my favorite for fall this year. 

Happy Halloween Pillow -- I love everything about it!

* Trick or Treat Wood Sign -- this is big! I love vintage Halloween

* this felt pumpkin garland! There are 8 pumpkins so you could also cut it up if you want a filler for a basket or wood bowl. 

* I'm such a sucker for black and white stripe.

* I was dying over these spider candle holders! That wraps it up for JoAnn's---

Over at Ross this turkey was just so cute to me. I love the fabrics and the leather hat! (the wood stand it's sitting on is not included)  He's going on my Thanksgiving porch. $10.99

* across the street at Burlington Coat Factory these wood pumpkins caught my eye

Let's head on over to Kirkland's! They have been killing it -- I feel like they have really stepped up their game and I am loving this store lately. 

* Olive Leaf Hoop Wreath -- love the leather hanger!

* I love this laundry sign but couldn't find it online! Maybe it's new?? Here is another one.

* Pillows! Love the top left and bottom right.

* Bamboo and Metal Basket -- for cozy blankets or white pumpkins ♥

* Striped Rosie Bench

And now to Hob Lob! My favorite find there was small white pumpkins -- if you are looking for fillers or to tuck in a wreath this was by far the best place to find them. But apparently the rest of the world thinks so too because so many are out of stock online, you may have better luck in store.

*they had separate small pumpkins here and then also here. 

this was a great bag of 7 pumpkins

I also loved this 12 pack of velvet pumpkins

* they have some great ceramic pot options too

* and this big turkey for Thanksgiving ♥

Well, that was fun! Thanks for coming along. Have you found any great fall finds?

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