15 Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

25 September 2019

I love creative costume ideas! These can be last minute homemade costumes or planned well in advance -- here are some pictures and links to get you going!

How about a tooth fairy?

Super Heros featuring my sister Kerri for a Trunk or Treat! 

I love this corn on the cob with egg cartons!! 

TACO BELLE!!!  vborschke via buzzfeed.com

A bowl of Froot Loops!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Playing cards for a group!

The Brawny Man!

I love this Ms. Pac-Man!

Want more costume ideas? 

Some of these I just couldn't find sources with all of the social media sharing these days. If you know of a source, please let me know and I'll link it up. Thank so much!

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