Out and About Christmas Edition 2019 Volume 2

05 November 2019

The first thing I need to let you know is Favorite Things is next week!! And it's the 10th Anniversary so I'm inviting some favorites back for an amazing week! I hope you'll join us.

On to Part 2 of Out and About Christmas Edition. If you missed the first part, click here to go there! 

Let's go to Target! My favorite is the Dollar Spot (Bullseye's Playground) Some of these are actually online and Target has free 2 day shipping through Christmas!

They had really great pine picks for $3 each -- I'm going to make me a wreath!

Black candle holders for $3 each

I loved these little greens for table settings at $1 each

Holiday signs for $3

Hearth & Hand from Magnolia also has their holiday line out! 

Let's head over to Hobby Lobby! Today is free shipping on $50+ orders!!

And a few other deals I spotted that were good to share:

I know this is a hot item for girls this Christmas! Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter in Lavender $259.99 (I like getting big ticket items at stores I can easily return them at)

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