Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas

04 December 2019

Neighbor gifts are a definite part of the culture here in Utah. Everyone wants to show love to the people around them and they come up with some super clever ideas to say thank you to faithful old neighbors, welcome new ones, or say thank you to the best neighbor ever!! Here are some fun, creative ideas that won't break the bank but let your neighbors know that you appreciate them.

* Hope Your Holidays Jingle with this can of Pringles with printable!

* how about giving a dozen eggs with a favorite recipe?

Wrapping paper is always useful!

wrap a fuzzy blanket with "Fleece Navidad" tag!

attach this to a hand soap and you're set!

* buy some Chex Mix or make our favorite Chewy Almond Chex Mix recipe and attach this cute tag

* think New Years instead and give sparkling cider!

* Last year we gave 2 liters of root beer with this tag -- here is the printable with 6 to a sheet

make your favorite homemade seasoning or pick some up at the store (Trader Joe's has awesome seasonings!) and add the "Seasoning Greetings" tag :)

I hope these have helped! I'm always on the lookout for fun ideas :) Let us know your ideas in the comments! Happy Giving!
* This is "Nacho" Ordinary Gift because you are "Nacho" Ordinary Friends -- love this one!!

OR if you have a favorite salsa recipe or a favorite store bought one use this tag

* my friend, Lydia gave paperwhites last year and I loved having something growing in the dreary month of January ♥ I've seen paperwhite bulbs on clearance at my Sam's Club so you may want to check yours.

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