Shoe Organization in the Closet

08 January 2020

Hello and Happy New Year! January always puts me in the mood to purge and organize after Christmas is down and it's cold and dreary outside. This week we began tackling our closet.

The biggest dilemma of the closet was shoes! Shoes everywhere! They were under the hanging clothes, my husband's were piled in a corner. I also had a hanging shoe storage on the wall like I used in this post (they are perfect for behind doors to save space!) So I looked for different options that would hold more shoes. I was going to get something like these shoe cubbies but they were pricey how do they fit all of the different sizes of shoes? So I kept searching and found this gem on Amazon.

I was worried about the quality for under $20 but it ended up being the perfect solution! It is just like light metal pipes that you put together with these plastic-like cloth shelves but shoes aren't usually too heavy so unless you've got some crazy big boots this should work for you.

I just love that it holds ALL of our shoes together and we can see them. I do have summer sandals in a bin that I switch out for the winter boots and I see some right now that I can get probably get rid of but it was so fun putting them all on here when it was all put together. I just wanted to share it in case you are looking for something similar that won't break the bank. They also have different sizes if you don't want one so tall.

Happy Organizing!!

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