Basement * Laundry Room * Study Areas * Shelf Styling Ideas from 2020 Parade of Homes

16 September 2020

Some more beatiful spaces from the Utah Valley 2020 Parade of Homes! Let's look at laundry rooms:

Black and white floors were fun additions in both of these and the wallpaper!

Prettiest laundry baskets I've ever seen!

Blue cabinets + black and white floors

I love the edgecomb gray cabinets with the herringbone floors in this one:

More blue cabinets!

I always appreciate pretty shelf styling:

Look how they took an ordinary hallway and added these built-ins and benches ♥

And basements! Check out these gathering areas

This one was more traditional and had a TV on both sides

Also some great study areas in these homes:

This floral mural was beautiful -- so clean and uncluttered:

A more modern space

Blue cabinets continue to be a favorite!

A yoga room!

And basement kitchens:

Outdoor spaces:

with incredible views!!

the cutest playroom you ever did see:

and what a fun climbing wall/basketball court!

Theater rooms:

and some exteriors:

I just didn't even know what to name this one so I just called it "wow." It was huge but beautiful.

Thanks for coming along on the parade! We were worried they were going to cancel because of Covid but we wore masks and it was all good.

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