custom curtains for big tall windows!

24 February 2021

  One of the first things when we moved in 7 years ago (can it be that long??) was clip up drop cloth drapes to block out the sun and give some privacy at night.  I decided it was time for an upgrade since the clips would come off frequently and I just wanted something a little more tailored. I began the search but everything for this size was SO expensive and it seemed like everything was silk or shiny and I just wanted a basic linen look.

I was thrilled to finally find this shop on Etsy!  She does curtains of all lengths and widths and the price was super reasonable because most of the custom ones I was looking at were in the thousands!!

This is what they look like closed -- they filter light but definitely are not blackout.

I paid extra for the Ikea tape to be added at the top and am so glad I did! In all the years of Home and DIY how did I not know about this trick before?? You can make your own "pleats" with the hooks! You just slide one side of the hook through a loop and then I counted about five over and then slid the other side up and it made a pleat!!  Genius Ikea. I just ordered the curtain rings with little loop on Amazon and they slide so nicely!!

How cool is that?? She also does single, double, triple pleats, or grommets if you are looking for that. 

I just wanted to share a great find along if you are looking for big long curtains or drapes!

I sharing good finds that save some $$. Have a fabulous day!

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