new lights and getting rid of stuff + Valentine's!

10 February 2021

 Hello! A few updates from around here. We finally hung some lights I had bought on sales and were taking space in the storage room. I shouldn't say we because we actually hired a local student who also does handyman work on the side as he is trying to get his degree without any student debt. We love to support him and also get some things done around here! 

I got this one for the entryway on clearance at Sam's Club for $35 in the fall! I should have picked up more but you can find very similar styles but maybe not at that price. We've switched out the rug and the picture frames but the little green table is still there (for now!)

I didn't realize it didn't come with lightbulbs though so that was an added cost. We went with these shatterproof LED's 

We've also learned a few things about getting rid of things. Most go to the DI (our local donation center), some we've sold on Facebook Marketplace and that is a slick way to get some extra cash and clean out at the same time. It's super nice because with Covid people just pay on Venmo and then we leave it on the porch or by the side of the house to pick up. I probably will not give things for free on marketplace again though! We had some leather sofas and a chair that had a broken recliner but were still really comfortable so we thought it would be better to have someone pick them up and be able to use them rather than to take them to the dump. I got many messages saying people were coming but they never did and then it started snowing so we had to cover them up on the side of the house. Then, some people came and just took one chair and then left a broken desk and a walker in our driveway! We were trying to get rid of junk and just got more junk in our driveway! Crazy.  They finally were picked up and the man was thrilled with them but I would probably ask even $10 to get people who were serious about wanting them. 

Can you belive it its Valentine's Day this weekend? If you need a quick solution you can pick up a box of Takis or Flaming Cheetos at Sam's Club and use these printables.   Or, grab some fun mechanical pencils and use these get to the point printables. Good luck! Thanks for stopping by.

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