spring favorites from our sister favorite things party

21 April 2021

 Hello! I had a wonderful sister getaway last weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. Here is the post with ideas for a fun girl weekend there but for one of our activities we had a favorite thing party one night. 

We just had everyone bring two favorite things around $10-$20 and then that night we gathered and drew 2 names and then shared a favorite character trait about the person we drew and then gave them our gift and the details behind why it was our favorite. It was so much fun! Here are some favorites that were shared:

First of all, Kristine brought this strawberries and cream popcorn and it was probably something we wouldn't have picked out just by the sound of it but we all couldn't stop eating. If you see it at Costco or the grocery store, don't pass it by but be warned that it's super addicting!

* Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray -- no soaking or scrubbing, just spray! (Kerri)

* Sdara Microneedle facial Derma Roller -- it seems to help me absorb my serums more and I've noticed an improvement in my skin's tone and texture.(Kerri)

* for Latter-Day Saints -- Doctrine and Covenants Journal Edition -- this has enhanced my study by giving me a place to record my thoughts and it's easy to go back and reference notes. (Kerri)

* 21 pack of zippered pouches -- perfect for storing board games whose boxes are destroyed or if you want to condense. Smaller ones are great for car organization, coupons, card games, and puzzles.  (Kelsey)

* Magnolia hymn cards -- these are beautiful to display and remind! (Kristin) She also brought a vase and greenery that she got on her trip to the Silos recently but we can't find online.

* Lululemon Power Stride No Show Socks with Active Grip -- they always stay in place and never scrunch up in my shoes! And is there an odor eater in them? My feet smell better when I wear them. Love these so much. (Natalie) 


* Trader Joe's Chile Lime and Everything but the Elote seasoning -- I love, love these on anything Mexican food. My super healthy sisters have the chile lime on carrots and melons. I love the Elote on corn. (Melissa)

As you can see we love socks! These have become my favs for summer: If you see these at TJ Maxx, get them! They are a 5 pack of super lightweight liners and are really no show, even for ballet flats. The scallop is a stay put silicone and they have a stay put gel tab. (Melissa)

It was such a fun time! Thanks for almost being there with us! Feel free to ask any questions.

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