finding beauty in ugliness

25 September 2021

I probably love growing flowers more than vegetables. There is something about cutting colorful flowers and arranging them into bouquets that makes my heart happy. But here's the thing: my flower garden struggles. It doesn't always look beautiful.  

Sometimes a sprinkler head pops off and it doesn't get the right water or the cats dig up part of it 
 or the sun scorches most of the flowers or the tomatoes overtake.
But there is usually at least one beautiful part of each plant that can be used and made into a colorful bouquet.

I try to remember this little lesson in life too. Goodness, there are some parts really struggling and honestly pretty ugly but there is always some beauty in there too. 
Favorite flowers in a cutting garden: dahlias, black eyes Susan's, hydrangeas, zinnias, cosmos. 

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