how to tile by showers and behind toilets

28 September 2021

 Sometimes we just have to learn by experience what works in houses and what doesn't. We learned that wallpaper behind a sink in a bathroom that is used frequently isn't a good idea. I actually filled three posts up about things we wish we would have thought about when building a home. 

Well, here is another to add the house lessons: mdf baseboards next to showers with shower curtains that don't always get closed all the way is not a great idea. I didn't think to take a picture until after we removed it but you can see the water damage:

This is in our basement bathroom. We decided to use a larger subway tile to go behind the toilet (which is also a very good choice with boys) and on the opposite wall where the towels hang to protect from water damage from the tub/shower. My parents were visiting last year for high school graduation and my Dad helped me get started. He is the best. We basically used the same method we did in Virginia for our kitchen backsplash.

The bullnose corners were the trickiest but we just used quarter round tiles like these and finished the corner with the tiles going vertically.

My favorite part is the grouting. It is like playing with mud but then you wipe over it with a sponge and 

it looks so nice and clean!

So, moral of the story is: I would use tile on either side of the tub and/or behind toilets that boys use frequently. I hope this helps! I don't think I've ever shown the downstairs bathroom but here is an awkward shot of it that you can't even see the tile but you get the idea.

Thanks for stopping by! We are halfway through!

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