ideas for master bedrooms and bathrooms from the parade of homes

13 October 2021

 Are you ready to see some master bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes? There is a good mix of traditional, transitional, and modern rooms whether you are thinking of a remodel, a refresh, or a new build. Here we go -- all pics are off of my phone so they aren't professional but hopefully you'll get the idea and can pin or mark the ones you want to save.

I really loved this study/makeup area in this one with the natural light from the bedroom windows:

I actually think this was a guest room but it looks master-ish to me :)

Let's step into the master closets. I think there was a washer/dryer in most of these which I think is an amazing idea.

And beautiful master bathrooms! 

I shared this one with the tub inside of the shower and asked on Instagram if you would ever have a tub inside of the shower and the majority of you said no

but my friend Michelle showed hers and pointed out how smart it is for little kids to keep the water contained. Genius!

I hope you got some good ideas for your master bedroom or master bathroom. Feel free to pin to Pinterest to save for later! You can find many more ideas from the Parade of Homes here.

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