shelf styling ideas from the Parade of Homes: how to decorate bookshelves and bookcases, wall and built-ins

27 October 2021


One of the top decorating dilemmas is: how to style my shelves/bookcase/open shelving? Here are some ideas from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes this year that may help you out:

Books, vases, picture frames, baskets are great places to begin.

Also greenery, decorative boxes, wood sculptures

Bowls, more books, vases + greenery plus those great lights!

* did you know you can order book dust jackets that are color coordinated??

* love the arches on these ones!

* the extra touch of the light at the top makes all the difference

* the main question for this one was how do you get work done when someone is practicing the piano??

* it's okay to have some empty shelves!

* baskets, clocks, and candles are also great options

* just one sign with lettering and also notice how they layered the picture frame, plate, plant and beads

* I think the blue, leather, and light in here are perfection ♥

I hope this gives you some ideas as you look at your shelves. I think you can display things that have meaning in a lovely way. Good luck!

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