the best plant that doesn't need light and is hard to kill: zz plant!

09 October 2021

 Just a friendly PSA on a Saturday morning: if you see a ZZ plant aka Zamioculcas zamiifolia in stores just get it. I've seen them at Walmart, Lowes, Ikea because they are they best indoor plant! I haven't been able to kill one and they actually do best with indirect light (like on the opposite side of the room of the window) or in an office with only flourescent lights! They also grow quickly. You can actually buy them online now but they tend to be less expensive in stores so keep your eyes open. This is what they look like.

At Lowe's:

Walmart! (around $13 I think)

We have two in our bedroom -- one on each nightstand. This one is about a year ahead of the other one.

And I do have to tell you that these curtains behind our nightstands are never open. We usually just open the main one so they really don't get much light. I just opened them today for a better picture :) 

For care I just water every 7-10 days and that is about it. My husband has a reminder to fill up a regular plastic water bottle on his phone at his office every week (top picture). 

I guess they are toxic (?) if eaten in large quantities so you may want to keep them up higher if you have children or pets. Our cats have never touched them.

I've seen them in West Elm as well with no natural light!

Just wanted to pass this along if you want a great indoor plant that is really hard to kill! Good luck.

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