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22 September 2022

 Hello!! Happy First Day of Fall! I was so ready to get Halloween out this year - maybe because of the heat we had at the beginning of September I was just over it and ready to move straight to fall. I shared the time-lapse video of taking down the summer porch and putting up Halloween here on Instagram. And then a more detailed video of the Halloween porch is here on Instagram. I'll share the links to the items I have - some are referral links (meaning I'll get a small amount if you happen to purchase something and some are not.

Okay, these are the cutest pumpkins at Walmart this year -- I should have looked for more. They are only in-store and mine were in the fall decor section and around $5.

This fall wreath I have had for a long time from a local store in Utah called Rod Works.

* the plaid Studio McGee rug is still a favorite layer rug if you can find one

Still a favorite! The Halloween radio that Target carried years ago. I love this one because it's just fun and not gory or scary. I made a little youtube video here to show what it does. You can still find one on Ebay if you search "ghoul radio"

the spider pillow was a favorite find this year!! I love the stitching on this one. Well worth the $20

The Wheel of Fate has become a tradition now! I honestly can't believe it's still $19.99, even with inflation! We have an orange bucket and black bucket full of goodies so when trick or treaters come we have them spin the wheel and they get to choose a treat out of the color they spin. It's been so much fun and great to bring to a trunk or treat too.

I adore these metal Halloween houses at Target this year found here, and the haunted mansion here, and then the metal townhouse is here.

 * the $3.99 bats from last weeks CME + Deals were perfect!

* the vintage Halloween phone is a favorite of the kids to pick up and see if they can handle the spooky voices that it rotates through.

* these water globe candle holders from Bath and Body works are a favorite find with my Mom. They light up like a crystal ball and the bats are flying around inside. So, so cool but are now going for well over $100 on Ebay.

Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Halloween/fall decorating!

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