My Favorite Things 2022

17 November 2022

Welcome! Today I'm sharing my favorites from 2022! If you want to see all of the Favorite Things you can go here. Here we go:

* the Drop Stop!! I love this thing! You just thread your car seat buckle through and it stops everything from falling in the deep dark crevice between the seat. One of those weird things you don't even know you need but love when you use it.

* BHG Cozy Knit Throw - this is the blanket I grab to curl up to watch a movie or wait for teenagers to come home. It's the perfect weight and such a good dupe for the more expensive Barefoot Dreams blanket. Sam's Club also has a larger version that is pretty much the same and is such a great gift.

Diamond Dazzle Stick - Jamie brought these for our Favorite Things on our sister trip and I have used it so much! Keep it in your purse or with your makeup and make your rings sparkle in a jiffy. 

* Vuori Joggers - Kels already shared these and I would have probably never bought for myself but I got them on my birthday and am hooked. I LOVE these joggers! When I'm working out I want some compression and support but when I'm at home or running errands these are a lightweight, comfy knit that I wear as many times as I can get away with in a week. They have a light waistband that doesn't create muffin top. I really need another pair. You should get a 20% off your first order pop up when you go there. I don't think they go on sale so definitely grab that.

* Simplifi budget app - we have tried many budgeting tools/apps since my husband is a financial planner and it has never been an option not to follow a budget. This is our favorite. So simple (hence the name Simplifi haha) - I can categorize transactions on my phone waiting at a stoplight, look at our spending plan (isn't that a better word than budget?!) and plan ahead for Christmas, birthdays, and vacations and be a little sick when we see how much more money we are spending on gas and groceries.

Profusion Feel Good Skin Long Wear Skin Perfector -  My maturing skin is changing and I've had a hard time finding a foundation that works well with my mostly dry skin and covering up age spots. After a recommendation from a friend whose makeup always looks fabulous I couldn't believe how much I love it! And the price?! I wear a combo of Fair 1 and Fair 3 and have a slightly darker Light 3 to mix in for summer. Look on the Profusion website if you can't find it in stock near you.

100 Gathered Piecs of Good Advice & Papers for Brilliant Ideas and Laundry Lists - I found this on our Seattle Girls Trip with my daughters in Watson Kennedy shop down by Pike's Place Market. You know I love quotes and there is one on the bottom of each vintage notebook page. Such a fun gift or to inspire you as you make your to-do list for the day. I think you can also find it on Amazon but it's double the price so order it from a local shop ♥

Pilot Precise Pens - if you appreciate a good, smooth fine point pen these are for you. My kids now love them and I try to keep my stash hidden but they always seem to find them. 

* Dossier Perfumes - I tried this out when I was trying to figure out how to get Jo Malone's perfume at a better price. Basically they make their own version of expensive perfumes and they are GOOD and so close to the originals. There is nothing to lose because you try them out for a week or so and see how they last and smell on your skin and then send back the ones you don't love with free shipping (I think it's free if you order more than three). We ordered 5 perfumes/colognes to try and I wanted to keep them all ( I think they count on that!) but we ended up keeping my Fruity Honey and men's Aromatic Star Anise. You just take a pic of the bottles you are sending back and fill out the online form and stick them in the mail, no questions asked. It took about a week for our returns to get there and a few more days for the credit to reach the bank. I love the minimalist packaging and bottles as well. So if you love an expensive scent or want to try out some new scents I would definitely recommend it! I don't have any affiliate relationship with them but I did get a link to give you $10 off your first order. Have fun! I am hooked.
P.S. I just found out that Dossier is going to start showing up in select Walmarts! Here is a map to show which stores will have them. I don't think you'll be able to try and return like you can on Dossier which is probably my fav thing about them but they may have them in store to sample??


* dash mounted phone holder! We have tried a few that didn't fare so well and this has been our favorite in both cars - it has stayed put for over a year and I love the release button and adjustment.

Night-time Routine:

Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balm. I tried this when they were on a crazy deal on a CME + Deals one day and I have placed 10 orders since. A must in dry climates! It has sugar crystals to exfoliate your lips but then they melt into buttery gloss. Perfect before bed or before putting on makeup so your lips will be ready

* L'Oreal Collagen Moisture Filler Another find from an Amazon deal that I continue to order. For the price I don't feel bad slathering this all over my face and neck at night.I've tried much more expensive brands from Costco and Sam's Club promos.  It feels so good to put on and the smell is great and it instantly softens my skin. I'm hooked.

* Eyelash Serum - I think this works every bit as well as Babelash at a fraction of the cost. My lashes have been growing and healthy. Give it a month and see what you think.

Yes, those are Great Value frozen chopped onions on my Favorite Things list but let me tell you these are GAME CHANGER! No crying and cutting just keep them on hand in the freezer and throw them in with the ground beef you are browning, the stuffing for Thanksgiving, the roast on Sunday. Sometimes they are hard to find in stock but yes, you need them and can find them at your local grocery store. The same goes with frozen homemade noodles! They are so good in chicken noodle soup

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush -  apply foundation on one side with this fluffy, soft brush and your concealer on the other. It is pricey so you have a couple of options. I am not afraid of Ebay! A great deal for a new brush that may not have the box but be sure to get the one with brushes on both ends! Or ELF has come out with a similar brush you may want to try but the OG is probably worth getting on this one. They didn't patent the "heavenly luxe" synthetic hair on it for nothing. 

Thanks for letting me share today! If you want to see the other favorite things you can click here

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