Favorite Things 2022 : my SIL Jamie!

09 November 2022

Please welcome Jamie, my sister in law! It's her first favorite things here but I feel like she is always finding good things, great places and experiences, and good FOOD so she is obviously a favorite of mine 😏 You'll probably find her e-biking in Zion (see below), finding the best places to eat (also below and the Granny Smith salad at Plums in Newport 😋) She is the best hostess as well since they are in Vegas and people are always coming through and she is so good to us. Here are her favorites:

During the crazy covid years, I was driven insane not by shutdowns and regulations but by the incessant amount of cups that were used and left on the counter to die. I’m talking loads and loads of extra cups to wash every. single. day. I found these online and haven’t looked back! Same cups used every day for 2 years (they hold up great in the washer). Order them and thank me later.

Coconut Lime Balsamic

My mom lived in Hawaii so one day while visiting we found ourselves walking the Hilo Farmer’s Market. We happened upon this booth and met the owner of Hawaii Balsamics and fell in love at first taste. Like we ate so many spoonfuls of straight up balsamic vinegar and walked away with a bag of our favorites. Our #1 flavor (that has since won over all our friends and family) was the coconut lime balsamic. May sound strange but if you eat a mouthful and close your eyes you will immediately be transported to the Hawaiian islands. Absolutely delicious with warm bread, fresh mozzarella and peach pizza, ice cream, a bowl of fruit- you name it. 

HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

As I’m getting older, I’m trying to reverse the damage I did to my skin as a teenager (Tanning beds!! No, teenage Jamie, NO!!) and wearing face sunscreen daily is at the top of the list. This stuff is magic- and it should be because it’s not cheap. Still worth it! Protection plus the perfect amount of coverage. I’ve gifted it to friends of all different skin tones and somehow it always works. Maybe it really is magical? Plus, it lasted me for 6 months so buying it only twice a year doesn’t seem crazy. 

Wolf’em Stick

I have a confession- I’m not a campfire smores fan. So when I learned about these babies a few years ago I got so pumped to have a campfire treat I could make. I have a general rule never to say no to freshly cooked bread. Warm little dough pockets filled with nutella, fresh fruit, and whipped cream- yes, please! They take a little longer to cook than a marshmallow so it’s nice to have a few sticks on hand. Just spray the wood tip and pop open a can of biscuit dough. We’ve even used canned pie filling while camping to make it super easy. We’ve also done herbed butter for a savory snack- both are delicious. 

E-Bike Zion

I have a problem- I have a legit addiction to e-biking the scenic route at Zion National Park. I’ve gone four times just this past year. I get absolutely nothing for recommending this company but they have been so great to work with every time and will walk you through everything you need to know to have a magical ride. My tip? Pick up your bike late afternoon and enter the pedestrian entry of the park and ride your heart through the scenic route while everyone else is leaving for the day. When it’s shuttle season, you’ll have the road almost all to yourselves. We’ve done it all- couples, kids, big groups, two people. Every single time has been a hit! Add on a lunch or dinner reservation at The Pig’s Ear in Hurricane, UT and it is the recipe for a perfect day. The mac & cheese is the best I’ve ever had. I know that’s a big claim but I stand by it. 

Apple Slicer

I’ve always been on team “Why do I need an apple slicer when I own a knife” until my cousin told me about this. Cuts thin slices (like my picky kids prefer) and then has the attachment to pop them back out so nicely. If you have room for another kitchen gadget, it should be this.

Apple Watch Loops

I never know if I am late to the game or not, but after my sister in law told me for months to try the apple watch loop, I finally listened. You can go in store to try on the different sizes, or amazon has these compatible bands for a fraction of the cost. Doesn’t seem like it would be anything amazing compared to the band it comes with, but after buying these I don’t think I’m ever going back. Feels… lighter? Simpler? Not really sure how to describe it but I’m a fan. 

Ooler Sleep System

Full disclosure: This favorite thing isn’t cheap. It seems crazy to buy something that costs maybe more than your mattress? That being said, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT we talk about how much we love our Ooler (Like cooler without the “c”). We live in the middle of the desert so all summer long I have blessed this thing. After getting it hooked up on your mattress, you set your perfect sleep temperature. You can even program it to be warm for when you get in, cool down for the night time, and then warm you back up for wake up. It works for both cool and warm climates. I like my bed a cool 66 degrees at night with a nice big blanket on top of me. 

Thank you, Jamie!! We'll have more favorite things tomorrow. Have a great day!

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