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26 May 2023


* this charming cottage at Cottage & Vine! 😍

* the history of Memorial Day

* the best burgers - can you say jalapeno drip jam??

and DEALS! These are the prices when I hit publish - they can change or run out at anytime. If the code is no longer working the deal is probably over. Most links are affiliate. Have fun!

Since it's Memorial Day weekend here in the States basically everything is on sale so I'm going to share some of my summer favorites!

* Linen cotton drawstring pants - I love the taper on these. Sometimes the wide leg can look sloppy on me?? So comfy and light and go with anything. Lowest price I've seen this season at $29 with lots of colors available

* you'll probably want this top to go with it! Other colors available as well. Light and loose and summery. $39

* I also love these lightweight tops for summer and have them in several colors. I usually wear size L in tops but I sized down to medium $20

* my sisters gave these to me for my birthday and they are SO comfy. They are made by Rockport which your mom/grandma will tell you mean comfort but they were smart to re-brand these as Reef for a younger, fresher vibe. Your feet will thank you and they go with everything. $52 this weekend with code MDWSALE

* Favorite swimsuit coverup but I guess you could use it as a dress as well? Light, silk fabric, fun colors for a beach vacation. Def size up on this one - I went XL. I've had it for 4 years now!

* I love this romper swimsuit because you don't have to worry about things riding up or down or falling out. Great coverage, comfy, practical and cute. $31 this weekend! Other colors available

* the next best thing to growing them in your garden - these taste like they are from the garden!  Amazing. I've found them at Smith's and Walmart too. 

  I love them cut in half and use them for this recipe but instead of the olive oil I just add a few splashes of red wine vinegar, juice of half a lime, and some garlic salt. I don't do the jalapeno but you can if you like the heat and I leave the avocado for the side because it tends to get mushy with it.  Serve with your favorite tortilla chips. And definitely use this corn if you can get your hands on it at Trader Joe's. I also love to throw in some shelled edamame. YUM

* we use these bowls for everything! Pasta, dinner, lunch - they are so great especially for anything with sauce.

* Jamie introduced me to this one. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Sunscreen, primer, with a pretty tint so I can just use this with a bit of concealer for my under-eye dark circles instead of foundation. On sale for $18 right now!

* if you need some quick color on your legs or arms that lasts a couple of days this is your friend. Quick, dries fast, doesn't smell. I use tan glow and spray it on a tanning mitt and go to town on my legs and upper arms. Let it dry and you are good to go.

* seamless hair ties - such a simple thing that makes a big difference!! Choose the color that matches your hair the best.

* elastic fitted tablecloths! They don't blow in the wind and stay put. Such a clever invention!

* grilling mat - catch those grease stains and protect your deck/concrete! Another great idea

* Favorite summer candles: Sea Salt & Balsam (if you love Fresh Balsam in the winter this is the summer version),

Watermelon Lemonade

Casaluna Clarity,

and of course Capri Blue Volcano

I'm also trying out Sea Salt & Neroli and Midnight Blue Citrus - I'll let you know how I like them.

* how did I not know about Libby?? I had been paying for Audible and my sister in laws told me about this completely FREE service through your public library. Go get your card, download the app, register your account, and begin reserving some books and start listening. Amazing!! 

* here are some favorite books I've listened to lately.  Weeding the garden, folding laundry, scrubbing the bathroom is now enjoyable with these stories that become like friends.  Or get them in book form for great summer reads. Everyone is comfortable with different levels of swearing or romance. One of the best tips I got was to read the one star reviews and they usually will tell you just what is in them.

All That Really Matters

Calling Me Home

The Kitchen Front

Better Than the Movies

The Songbook of Benny Lament

One True Loves 

Giver of the Stars

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