Favorite Things 2023: my SIL Lacey!

09 November 2023

We get my SIL Lacey today!! Lacey is the life of the party, a friend to everyone, always up for an adventure, and is amazing and keeping up with her 5 incredible kids. I truly lucked out in the SIL department as you can see ♥ Here she is:

I always joke that when God was handing out talents I must have been in the bathroom, because I’m not known for my outward talents. I’m not musical, which is why I “force” my kids (their word not mine) to play instruments. I was always ok at sports, but never MVP. I got good grades in school but wasn’t valedictorian.

So, when Melissa asked if I was interested in participating in her favorite things post this week, I couldn’t imagine what I could possibly add that hasn’t already been shared. Truth be told, most of my favorite things were recommended to me by a friend/family member. Then I realized that perhaps my greatest talent has been surrounding myself with amazing people, like Melissa, and then was just happy she valued my opinion enough to invite me to share. Or maybe because she’s my SIL and “had” to, but whatever the reason I’m happy to share some of my favorite things with y’all today.

Let’s start out strong.

Melissa's family is one of my favorite families. EVER. It wouldn’t be a favorite things post without mentioning them! I go on to say some other really kind things but Melissa is ready to hear my favorites so here we go: 

Cleaning/laundry is NOT my favorite thing, but I want to share a few things that help make it bearable for me.

1. This kitchen sink squeegee and countertop brush is exactly what I didn’t know I needed, but now can’t live without. It’s some of the best $10 I’ve ever spent in the kitchen. No more stinky rags to pick up messes, and no more crumbs stuck to my hand/fingers as I use my hand as a counter broom.

2. Geometry towels. A friend bought me some as a kitchen remodel finishing gift and I am OBSESSED. We deal with spills on a daily basis, and these are the most absorbent tea towels I’ve encountered, not to mention the cutest. There are so many cute patterns, including holiday
ones. Love them! (a note from Melissa on these - they will also appear tomorrow in my favorite things because they are that good - this link will get you 35% off at checkout or use code SMITH15 (which will actually get you 35% off) This is the best sale of the year)

looking for a “cleaner” laundry detergent free from chemicals and dyes. I bought these on a
whim on a prime day deal and am sold.
It cleans just as well, if not better, than the *name
brand* pods I was using and take up way less space in my laundry room since the box is so
small. Simply tear off one or two sheets (depending on the load size) and throw it in. Plant based and hypoallergenic FTW.

Enough cleaning/laundry talk. It’s way more fun for me to clean and take care of myself than my house, so I want to share a few of my favorite health and beauty items. Side note: I’ll throw out the name Sunday Riley, but won’t get too much into specifics. I LOVE this skin care line but couldn’t narrow down one favorite product so you can check it out on your own.

1. AG1 – Athletic Greens. I feel like once I turned 40 my body started fighting back. These are
packed full of so many good probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, and superfoods.
Full disclosure, I
don’t take them for the taste, but I tolerate the taste because I can tell (or my body can tell)
when I skip a day. My gut health and energy level take a hit. Plus, who doesn’t love the color
green �.

2. Chiropractic pillow/neck stretcher. Again, when I turned 40 I started waking up with all kinds of aches and pains, particularly in my neck. 10 min a day with this puppy has helped tremendously with the neck/back pain, and has cut down my visits to the chiropractor significantly.

3. Acne Pimple Patches. I prefer these ones from amazon because 1. I don’t have to go to the store
to get them
, and 2. They have nighttime ones (thicker) and daytime ones (thinner), but all are
clear so when I have a bad one I leave it on under my makeup and is hardly noticeable. Plus,
they work quick and usually only take a day or two max to clear it up.

4. Colgate Wisps. I LOVE grabbing lunch with friends, but I DON’T love the stinky breath I have
after. I keep these in my car for such occasions.
Simply bite down and brush. Easy peasy yummy

5. This last one is make up related. I am such a minimalist when it comes to makeup, and often
wear none when I’m just running around or at the soccer fields all day every Saturday. I splurged
and purchased the Ogee Contour Collection (and blender brush) and it has been a total game
changer for me.
It goes on so smoothly, and literally takes me less than 2 minutes to contour,
blush, and highlight. Throw on some mascara and I’m done and ready to walk out the door in
less than 4 minutes. Well worth the cost!

I didn’t realize how many favorite things I have until I actually started listing them. I know I’m already
long winded, so I’ll just quickly list my favorite snacks. Sam’s Club is my go to for the best treats, so I’ll list my favorites and where I buy them.

1. Reese’s Pretzel Big Cup (Amazon)

2. Wiley Wallaby Australian Licorice (Big bag at Sam’s Club)

3. Chocolate Peppermint Almonds (Limited time at Sam’s Club). Run before they’re gone!

Here is my final list, and it’s the random favorite items that we just love.

1. Popdarts. Not to be confused with pop tarts 😉. The easiest game that produces so much
laughter and absolutely NO fighting amongst my kids. Both miraculous and priceless.

2. GCI Outdoor Rocker Camping Chair with Canopy. If I have to spend every Saturday at the soccer field I never want to do it again without this chair.

3. I Like Me Anyway, by Brooke Romney. It’s all about embracing imperfection, connection, and
Christ. I LOVE this book
, the quote at the beginning of each chapter, and the 2 activities at the
end of each chapter. Also, every parent whose kids have a phone should read Glow Kids by
Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D.

Well, I’ve said enough and taken more time than I probably should have, but narrowing down my
favorite things was so much harder than I anticipated. My ultimate favorite things in this world are my faith and my family, without which life would be so much less fulfilling. These favorite things I’ve listed are just the icing on the cake of life for me. Thanks Melissa and 320 Sycamore readers for hanging in with me! Happy Holidays!!!

Thank you, Lacey! Love all of these ladies and their recommendations! 😉 To catch up on  all of the Favorite Things you can click here.

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