My Favorite Things 2023

10 November 2023

 Hello! This has been such a fun Favorite Things week! I love each of these women and was so excited to be able to share them with you. If you haven't seen them yet you can click here to catch up!

I don't have anything groundbreaking to share but here are some things from this year that I have loved. I keep a running list on my phone that helps me out. 

One of my favorite things to do at Costco is go down the beauty aisles and check out the markdowns. There are the best treasures in there! They had the Kristin Ess The One Shampoo and Conditioner in a big set this summer and I have loved them! I went back to get more but of course they were gone. The smell is so good, it makes a beautiful rich lather, and cleans so well. Now I'm on the lookout for Costco to bring them back but I guess I will pay full price if I have to. 

I also love her texture spray as well. My hair is so soft and has a hard time holding curl. This gives it a little oomph and some more grip.

* I know these have been on multiple Favorite Things but they are on mine too! Geometry has the best kitchen towels you will find. Absorbent, cute patterns, hold up great in the wash. I reached out to see if we could partner up and they said YES! so I love them even more because they gave me a 35% off code which is the best deal these go to and when I buy! I tend to be drawn to the more neutral ones but you can have fun and switch them out for holidays - the Christmas prints right now are to die for.

Here are some of the patterns I am getting for me and for gifts: Boyce pattern // Garff pattern // Debra pattern // Ren pattern // Dyer pattern // Sugar pattern // Seed pattern // Willow Branches

I haven't tried the other types of towels yet but I will keep you posted. Shop through the links or use code SMITH15 for 35% off right now! Make sure the discount comes off in the cart - it should come off automatically.

* Leather luggage tags from Etsy - these come from Ukraine but I think they only took 10-14 days to get to my house from when I ordered and Victor is the nicest to work with. This is what we gave as graduation/missionary gifts this year and I wish I had taken a picture?? but they would also be perfect stocking stuffers- genuine leather, engrave with their name - we loved the whiskey color for the men and the blush pink for the women or choose their favorite color. He has a crazy sale right now where they only end up being like $5.50 each even with personalization which is way less than what we paid in the spring. You get a personalized leather luggage tag! You get a personalized leather luggage tag! Everyone gets a luggage tag! 😂

* Kat B workouts on Instagram! I LOVE her. She gives all the workouts for whatever you are feeling you need that day and she puts them on slides so you do one exercise and then swipe over to the next until you have completed the circuit and then repeat (if you have time). Do them all at home or take her with you at the gym. She even has 10 minute ones or just bodyweight or small space - whatever you need. I feel like others are so hard to follow because they are on reel or video form so you have to keep pausing or going back. You can keep her music on mute and blast your own! They are free, totally followable and just the best.

* Salbree microwave popcorn maker - just fill the kernels to the line you want, push the popcorn button on your microwave and make your own natural homemade popcorn in the portion you want in the same time without the weird microwave coating taste that comes with the packaged microwave popcorn. Then season it with whatever you want. This also collapses for storage if you are tight on space. It would be a fun gift in their favorite color with some seasonings! It is the best afternoon snack and pairs perfectly with Starry soda which I wish I didn't love so much but it's so crisp and refreshing and has the perfect lemon lime ratio.

* Makeup remover cloths - I use these at night with baby oil to remove my makeup and wash my face

* Essie Top Coat - this will make your polish last for WEEKS (on my toes) I use it with different nail polishes and it is just the best I've found. 

Madewell Corinne Loafer:  I was on the hunt for a classic leather loafer for fall and winter and these are the final answer.  I also loved the Toms Cara Loafer but the color was a little lighter than what I was looking for. Either are a classic, comfy choice!  I have used this crossbody bag this fall with this strap and have loved it and the brown color coordinates so well with the shoes.

White pasta bowls! Most of our meals are eaten on these now - they just make more sense with the lip for salads, pasta, anything really.

Thanks for letting me share! I'm trying to load my favorites from all the years into my Amazon lists - learning about how to do that and also a spot for non-Amazon items on LTK but that has a learning curve too! Slowly but surely they will hopefully will be an additional spot to find 320 Sycamore favorites. The trick will be keeping them updated, right?!

Thanks for joining this week!! To see all of the favorites you can click here. Hopefully you will gain some new favorites as you try those that have been shared. 

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