Spring / Easter Porch Simple Decorating Ideas 2024

29 February 2024

 Hello! I realized we haven't shared a spring/Easter porch lately so let's take care of that today! Here is the video on Instagram if you would like to see how speedy I am! Haha I love time lapse. Truth is that it does take a long time to bring out what you have, search for what you want to bring in, etc. And then the time it takes to return the items that didn't work out. Here are the winners that made the front porch cut though:

* the artificial tulips these days are incredible! Here are the white ones I ordered (just fyi -this was a few years ago and they do tend to yellow but I actually like the cream with the white pitcher) and the prettiest shade of pink tulips

* all of these are oldies but goodies. You don't need to buy everything new every year. I love pulling out the decor that has been with me since the beginning.

* you cand find these adorable bunnies in the dollar spot at Target and they are only $1!! Truly remarkable when even the Dollar Store has raised prices to $1.25 If you can't find them at your store these were the closest thing I could find online.

* "vintage" 😉 (like 4 years ago) Studio McGee spring arrangements

* these wooden eggs were also in the dollar spot - $3 for 6 I believe.

* this Studio McGee pink pillow is also so good - another addition for this year. 

* this is an older Hearth & Hand wreath that I just tucked some pink seed stems into. Here is a similar one!

* this green/white plaid rug will be perfect for spring/summer. Another Studio McGee find ♥

* simple pink pillow covers with an older bunny pillow

* the palm arrangements are on sale and are perfect for Easter! The bunny cupcake/candle stands are from Pottery Barn years ago but I have seen some knock-offs lately. I usually purchase prints from Etsy, print them out on to transparencies and then use my trusty overhead projector and chalkboard. Here is the tomb print and then the He is Risen lettered print

The weather was beautiful and it felt like spring today but then the forecast calls for 5-8 inches of SNOW this weekend??! It must be spring. Thanks for stopping by. ♥

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